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Popular cosmetic procedures performed by top experienced plastic surgeons that will totally improve your outside look and do wonders for you emotionally!

YohaneLipo 360
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Miami Lakes is better than any Plastic Surgery place hands down. 🔥🥰🥰
Alexis Mommy Makeover
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After having children your body changes everything, and now I wanted to be back with everybody else and Miami Lakes team gave me that, I'm so grateful and so happy about making this change for me
ElimarieTummy Tuck
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All I've wanted for years was that skin to go off and my waist to be smaller, and with an easy and extremely confortable process the Dr.Morales and the girls at Miami Lakes make that a fact. I'm now ready for summer and for life itself!!



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Plastic Surgery Facts

Breast Augmentation

How can we help you?

How Our Drs. can help you get a brand new body?

You can go from small boobs to a beautiful enhance breast, from saggy loose skin on your tummy to nice flat abdomen and from a lot of rolls on your belly and small butt  to the most incredible slim waist and projected buttock just by the touch of our surgeons who are 20+ years experienced in transforming bodies to show off the best version of yourself. 


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remove the cost barrier for elective treatments with monthly payment plans

With these financing options, you as a patient can get what you want today and then pay for it over time with a wallet-friendly monthly plan. No hidden fees or gotchas. Just a transparent, affordable way to say yes.

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Finally, Show the best version of yourself.

“I’ve dreamed about waking up with a specific look, and now it became an immediate reality. Looking good physically makes wonders for you emotionally, I don’t have to hide anymore”

Marie, Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Breast Lift

What you say matters!

AylinBrazilian Butt Lift
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When my friend came here couple of months ago was and excellent experience and she ended up with 100/10 results, so I've decided it was my turn to give a makeover to my body, and it was even better that my expectations.
GinaTummy Tuck
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Dr. Morales gave me the most incredible results with my Tummy Tuck surgery, not only he got rid of my excess belly skin, but also give some curves at my waist, plus pain was really bearable and overall one of the greatest experience I could have!
Dana Breast Augmentation
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I've always been a healthy girl, gym and diets it's part of my lifestyle so my body have always looked good, but I always felt I was missing something I can't just workout and grow by myself and Dr. Torres here at Miami Lakes Cosmetics gave me that, he performed the most amazing breast augmentation and once and for all gave me the final look I've always pictured for me.

Plastic Surgery Facts

Body Makeover

By Miami Lakes Cosmetics Top Surgeons

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Instead of keep seeing before and after pictures of different people, make your own before and after and get the transformation of your life!

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What our Patients say

The story of a patient who returned to the youth. “I’m already happy about how I look and I haven’t even seen them” And many more stories to inspire you.

Patient Testimonials

We work to empower patients with their personal stories. With your permission, we tell your story to help other people in similar situations.

Patient Results

The before and after photos are one of the most powerful ways to capture the power of patient results. You can find more BBL results down below.


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We wanted to give you a tour of our center and show you what we have to offer.  We have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere which makes your journey easier.

Searching for plastic surgery in Miami will lead you to Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery, one of the area’s highly respected practices.

At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of plastic surgery procedures including cosmetic procedures for males.

We consist of a highly trained staff with highly regarded credibility, impeccable credentials, and the highest rates of success.



Cutting-edge technology for the best care in plastic surgery



Best rate possible with flexible payment plans that fit into any budget.

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World-class healthcare, excellent results, and live-changed patients.



Highly renowned and skilled surgeons loved by their patients.

Beauty in the hands of surgeons you can trust

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my surgen did an amazing job!! Dr. torres was in charged of doing my surgery he did great. i am very pleased with my results. i will be back to do my abdominoplasty.
Gabriella Roman
I just got off the phone with my coordinator, Dianelys. She’s is amazing and never short with information. She is professional and does not try to pressure me into booking s surgery, like others that I have spoken to in the past. I will be still in contact with Dianelys for further information about my soon to come bbl
Melissa Nina
At first I was a bit insecure due to the bad reviews I was reading but the reality has nothing to do with what I read, my consultant was incredible from the first consultation, as was the coordination team, and Yamnelis super lovely, after my follow up I couldn’t be happier with my results It's been two months since my surgery and the truth is that this was the best decision I could have made, and now I plan to do my breasts
Giselle Cabrales Acosta


Most frequent questions and answers.

Contrary to what some believe, the term plastic surgery does not mean inserting plastic or making someone appear plastic through surgery. Instead, it means using surgical procedures to restore or alter one’s appearance. The wide array of options and transformative nature of these procedures led to them being called plastic surgery – as plastic is flexible and can take many forms.

Plastic surgery patient results can vary depending on the level of care taken during recovery, or the way their body reacts to the procedure. As with all medical procedures there can be no guarantees. Ensuring your physician is board-certified, and taking the time to be as informed as possible about the procedure you are considering greatly contributes towards having a successful and positive experience.

There are specific questions you can ask about any South Florida cosmetic centre you might be evaluating. A credible surgeon will be willing to meet with you to answer your questions, and can provide certificates and supporting documentation to prove their qualifications.

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In this gallery, you will find before and after photos of people who have had cosmetic procedures on their bodies (BBL) Press the Watch Gallery Button to see the results. The first photo shows them before surgery and the second shows them after their procedure was completed.