Refund & Cancellation Policy

All surgical candidates/Patients must be aware of the following policies regarding procedures, charges, cancellation, and rescheduling of surgical procedures and services.

1.    Scheduling a surgical procedure requires the coordination of many different resources. This takes time to handle properly so that the patient will enjoy a quality experience. You acknowledge and agree that upon execution of the Agreement, Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery will incur certain costs and expenses in order to schedule and prepare for your procedure(s). As such, you are required to pay to Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery $500.00 (the Deposit) concurrently with the execution of this Agreement. You agree and acknowledge that the Deposit SHALL IN NO EVENT BE REFUNDABLE, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. Specifically, failure to obtain medical clearance for any reason shall not entitle you to a refund. You agree and acknowledge that your payment of the Deposit is valid for two (2) years. You also understand that should your procedure(s) not occur within two (2) years from the execution date of this Agreement, the prices quoted herein may be subject to change.

2. If a patient decides to switch surgeons with one of our practitioners at Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery, the first date change is free, the 2nd one and after you will incur a FEE of 250.00 every time you change your mind.

3. If due to personal circumstances or a personal emergency the patient decides to change the date of surgery, you will incur a charge of 150.00 every time you change your prearranged surgical date.

4. Cancelations the day of the surgery due to withholding of medical condition, or not following pre-operative instructions given will not be eligible for a refund.

5. Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery understands that situations arise that may force patient to postpone the procedure. Patient must understand that such changes affect the surgeon, operating room staff and other patients. The surgeon’s time, as well as that of the operating room staff is precious and Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery requests patient’s courtesy and concern regarding any changes made to their scheduled surgery date. The cancellation fee of 1000.00 applies in the event you cancel your surgery.

6.     Upon cancellation of a procedure or treatment, if Patient wishes to receive a refund and one is due to Patient, it shall email coordination@miamilakescosmetics.com.

7.     Refunds will be completed in the same method that initial payment was made. If payment is made using a credit card, then Refund must go back to the same card used for payment. If at the time of the refund, Patient does not have the credit card used to make the payment, then upon verification of identity, an alternative method shall be used to complete the refund. However, in any such event, Patient acknowledges and understands that the refund process may take longer up to 30-60 days.