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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, mastopexy more commonly known as breast augmentation(Boob Job) is an elective surgery designed to increase a patient’s breast size. A board-certified plastic surgeon will achieve this by placing breast implants under their chest muscles or breast tissue.

Women get breast augmentations for a variety of different reasons some are rebuilding their breasts following various issues. Others want to boost their confidence. Whatever your reason for considering a breast augmentation, please be prepared to fully consult with a board-certified surgeon and clinic. The quality of surgery and follow-up care are important as they will help you understand any potential surgical risks or complications that could arise. 


Candidates for breast augmentation

The American Society for plastic surgeons considered the best candidates for breast augmentation to meet the following criteria


  • They are physically healthy and neither breastfeeding nor pregnant.
  • I’ve sent realistic goals and expectations.
  • Their breasts are fully developed.
  • Particularly bothered by having smaller breasts.
  • Have become disheartened with the volume and shape of the breast following weight loss, aging, or pregnancy.
  • Struggling with asymmetrical breasts.
  • One or both of their breasts haven’t developed normally.

Benefits of getting a boob job

The principal reason women undergo breast augmentation surgery is to make their breasts look better. Some people think that augmentation is just about size, but the benefits associated with the surgery go way just

 having a larger chest. Breast enlargement surgery can improve:


  • Smaller breasts
  • Uneven breasts
  • Breasts that lack of full appearance
  • Breasts have offered poor cleavage
  • Breasts that lack projection
  • Breasts that last proportion or seem imbalance


Whether your issue is with the size or shape of your breasts talking to a board-certified as a surgeon will allow you to assess the wide variety of options available to you. Women you have undergone breast augmentations have also noticed other benefits.




  • Higher self-esteem
  • Whether you like it or not, enhanced job opportunities
  • An increase in their social standing
  • The ability to confidently wear different clothing
  • Feeling young and refreshed

Types of Breast Implants

Saline implants

We consider this impact safer as it contains nothing but saltwater, should the implant degrade your body will either naturally absorb or expel the saline.

Structured saline implants

We also fill these implants with sterile saltwater but they contain a special inner structure designed to make the implant to can feel more natural.

Silicone implants

They have filled these implants with silicone gel, the jealous design to feel more like a natural breast. In the event, one of these impacts the job will remain in the implant’s shadow are put escape into the breast implant pocket.

Gummy bear implants

This implant is stable and has continued gummy bear because they keep their shape even if they break the shell of the implant

Round implants

This is another stable form of implant, but because they make the breasts much fuller and offer higher profile projections they’re known as round implants

Smooth implants

These are the most soft and natural feeling implants and because they move and are depressed, they give the appearance of natural movement. 

Textured implants

Textured in plants are known to encourage to develop the scar tissue at this stage the implant making a far less likely to become repositioned or move inside the breast

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Steps

Initially, you will consult with your surgeon to find the size and type of implant you want


Before the procedure starts anesthetic will ensure you are asleep precisely occasionally localized sex is used and you may remain awake but the decision is usually yours


Types of Incision options

An inframammary incision, crease under the breast

A Trans axillary incision, the armpit

A Periareolar incision, the nipple


Placement of implant

There are two placement methods


During a submuscular placement, they place the implant under the actual muscle. This is more painful and recovery is longer. 


The submammary placement means they place the implant on top of the pectoral muscle but under the breast tissue 


Following placement of the implant, your surgeon will close the incisions using either stitches or layered sutures and surgical tape will get applied skin and keep it in place. Initially, the incision lines will remain visible but these too fade with time.


They assess results


In the post-op period you will have swelling for up to 2 weeks then you see the incision lines will feed then you have a consultation with your surgeon to assess whether the procedure makes your expectations

Cost of breast augmentation surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a typical breast augmentation will cost anything from $5,000 to $10,000 and depend on several different factors, including the surgeon, location, surgery costs, and type of implant used.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Recovery

Postoperative period

When you initially wake up from anesthesia, you’re going to feel sore and groggy, feeling something like a hangover this should wear off, and if you are and have someone ready to drive you home and stay with you but first night.


The end of the first week

The first week usually 5 to 7 days can be uncomfortable during this time they have given you pain medication and sometimes you will be given a pain pump and an injection for the first 72 hours


Week two and three

Following the first week, the patient is advised to slowly begin your normal routine including some light exercise but they should keep this to a minimum. We advise any jarring activity such as rigorous workouts are running should also avoid any heavy lifting until you’re fully recovered.


If you have a labor-intensive job, they should inform your employer you’ll need 3 weeks off


At Full recovery


After your first two months, your clinic should usually schedule a follow-up appointment and your surgeon will assess how you’re healing has progressed within 2 months. They give the vast majority of patients they the all-clear to fully resume everyday activities

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

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Mini Breast Augmentation

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