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Men often strive to achieve the most ideal body appearance. However, diets and workouts are sometimes not enough to obtain the ideal look of the buttocks, so some may opt to undergo a male BBL in Miami.

This cosmetic surgery allows you to transfer unwanted fat from specific areas of your body into your bottom, giving it a more defined and voluminous contour. It is quite popular among men who wish to have the ideal masculine butt and improve their overall physique.

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Male BBL Before and After Gallery

If you are interested in learning more about what the effects of male BBL surgery look like, this gallery will be of great help to you. Here you can take a look at some of our successful male BBL surgeries and patients who have finally received their dream appearance.

Scrolling through this gallery can help you visualize your BBL results, and figure out whether this type of physique is something you are willing to obtain.

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What Is a BBL?

Brazilian butt lift, also known as BBL, is a cosmetic surgery during which the doctor transfers fat from the abdomen area, hips, lower back, or thighs and inserts them into the buttocks. The procedure is done to get an hourglass-shaped figure, with more defined and tighter curves. The fat is extracted from the parts of your body where it is considered “unwanted” and inserted in your buttocks – which makes it look more round and appealing. 

Many people go under this procedure as it gives instant results, helping you easily obtain your ideal look. The procedure itself is much different from inserting butt implants since doctors use the patient’s fat, which in the end gives a much more natural-looking appearance.

Can Males Get a BBL?

Although the majority of people consider that the BBL procedure is reserved for female bodies only, that is not the case. A lot of men strive to achieve a well-defined body, with strong and full buttocks. Since rigorous diet regimes and hardworking exercises do not always help to achieve the wanted look, some men opt for cosmetic procedures to get the ideal masculine butt.

There might be a certain stigma about male BBL since cosmetic surgery is still much less popular among men. However, most male patients that have undergone this procedure are more than satisfied with the final results.

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Procedure

The Procedure

Once your doctor establishes whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the male BBL procedure, they will explain the entire procedure you will go through. Every patient should be prepared for the procedure by learning important information regarding it, and the steps which will be taken through the operation. Generally, the procedure contains three main steps for every patient, and those are:

  • Step one – harvesting the fat from the upper or lower abdomen area, flanks, hip area, and lower back. The technician makes small incisions and using male liposuction treats the areas with visible sources of healthy fat. This part of the procedure reshapes your torso by making it more slender.
  • Step two – after harvesting the fat for the graft, the fat is separated from the tumescent fluid and the blood byproducts are aspirated from liposuction. The fat remains sterile the entire time, and the possibility of any kind of infection occurring is minimal.
  • Step three – the final step is injecting the sterile fat into the buttock area at varying amounts in order to achieve the right shape and volume of the butt. The common practice is that the fat is injected only in the surface area, and not deep into the muscle – so this procedure is as safe as possible.

The procedure itself lasts about 3 to 4 hours, depending on your specific body type and the results you are trying to achieve. Every patient goes under general anesthesia, meaning you won’t feel any pain during the procedure itself.

What Exactly Takes Place During the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

The Brazilian butt lift procedure can be completed as an outpatient treatment while the patient is under general anesthetic. The surgeon will use liposuction to remove fat from the lower body. Once the fat has been removed, it will be filtered and injected into particular locations on the buttocks in order to obtain the desired form and size. You may experience discomfort, but pain medication prescribed by a doctor is usually unnecessary because the level of discomfort is typically minimal.
Am I a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

How Much Does a Male BBL Cost

As with almost any other body contouring and cosmetic procedure, the cost of male BBL can vary depending on different factors. In order to get the best estimate, you should book consultations with clinics and get first-hand information about the price. 

With all things considered, an average Miami male BBL cost can be somewhere around $10,000 to $15,000. These types of procedures are generally very pricey, mostly because there are a lot of costs that are taken into account, such as anesthesia, post-op visits, postoperative garments, a team of technicians, laboratory analysis, and facility costs.

The budget is always an important thing to consider when choosing a clinic, but it must not be crucial. Your overall health is priceless, and you should ensure that the clinic you choose has the most knowledgeable and professional team.

How to Finance a BBL

Because a Brazilian butt lift is typically regarded as a cosmetic procedure that is not required for medical reasons, medical insurance policies do not typically extend coverage for the procedure itself or any complications that may arise as a result of it.

The good news is that Miami Lakes Cosmetics offers very convenient payment terms. If you’re interested in this surgery but can’t currently pay for the whole amount at once, you can apply for credit payment options on our website. Submit an online application and check if you’re eligible for this credit by providing us with some essential information.



united medical credit

How Do I Prepare for a Male BBL Miami?

Your certified doctor will give you precise instructions on how you must prepare for the male BBL procedure. The preparations are generally the same for all types of body contouring procedures, male and female. Some of the most common instructions everyone gets from their doctors are regarding the diet and physical activity before the procedure.

If you wish to have the most successful procedure and healing process you should quit smoking and stop consuming alcohol weeks before and after the surgery. Start mentally preparing for the new life regime you will have to stick through after the operation is done. 

Most patients don’t realize just how different life is during the recovery process, so ensure you start setting up your recovery space before the operation. It will be great if you have someone to take care of you after the procedure and to drive you to the hospital and on the way back to your home. Other special instructions about medications, diet and similar things will be given to you by your doctor.


The Recovery

The majority of patients recover from the BBL procedure within four to six weeks. The incisions on your body will be healed in six weeks, however, you will have to be careful not to put any unnecessary pressure on your gluteal area. You will be able to return to your normal life routine around 2 weeks after the surgery.

The full recovery will be about 4 weeks after the operation, just in time for your post-operative consultation. It is recommended that you restrain from exercise and heavy weights for at least eight weeks after your operation. If you wish to help your body recover more effectively, consider wearing compression garments all the time, during night and day, for at least four weeks. 

The recovery process varies from patient to patient, but the most important thing is to follow the doctor’s advice and instructions by taking care of your body and avoiding any activities that might jeopardize your recovery.


Who Is the Best Candidate for Male BBL?

Whether or not you are a proper candidate for the male BLL procedure is something that should be decided by your licensed doctor. However, some guidelines exist and are usually the same for every patient. Before you decide to consult about your male BBL, think about whether you are fulfilling some of the following requirements:

  • You should be in the range of 25 to 55 years,
  • It’s ideal if you are an active person and in good physical condition,
  • You have to be close to your ideal body weight,
  • You should be a non-smoker,
  • You should have an adequate amount of body fat volume for the grafting,
  • Having realistic expectations about the procedure and willingness to go through the recovery process.

BBL Risks and Side Effects

Having a Miami Brazilian butt lift comes with a few potential dangers, including the following:

  • Potential damage to your nerves and blood vessels.
  • Irritating to the skin and bruising,
  • Inflammation or infection,
  • Discoloration of the skin or alterations in the feeling of the skin,
  • Slow healing of the wound,
  • Swelling.

Consult With a Professional Before Your Male BBL in Miami

If you are interested in getting a BBL procedure, one of the things you must do is book consultations with certified and professional doctors. You have to ensure that you get all the most crucial information from your doctor before making such a big decision. If you choose the Miami Lakes Cosmetics team, you can freely contact us through email or by phone.

Our specialized doctors will estimate whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, and which type of procedure will be the most ideal for your body type. We will be available for any questions you may have and provide you with all the necessary information regarding your procedure and the results you wish to obtain.


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Frequently asked questions

The BBL procedure is relatively the same for patients of any gender, but it does vary slightly depending on what each patient wants as the final result. Generally speaking, there are some key differences in how female and male BBLs are performed. During a male BBL, doctors avoid injecting fat into the sides of the hips – men naturally don’t have an hourglass figure, so most patients generally wish to keep their hips straight.

Depending on every patient’s constitution, doctors estimate whether fat is distributed evenly and in which areas it is “unwanted”. Usually, men like to remove fat from their lower back and “love handles” so they can achieve a more athletic and masculine look. During the female BBL procedure, the purified fat is injected in the upper two-thirds of the buttocks to obtain a more volumized look.

Female patients mostly ask for the “S” shape which provides natural body contouring. On the other hand, the male BBL procedure results in a more “C” shape look, since the fat is injected into the entire buttocks, so there are no unnatural curves. Male buttocks are naturally flat and have the exact same volume distributed evenly throughout the three quadrants – and most male patients like to keep it that way.

Recent studies show that aesthetic body procedures have gained major popularity in the past few years. Since 2020, there has been an increase of 63% in the cosmetic industry when it comes to body contouring procedures. In order to choose the best procedure for yourself, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration.

First and foremost – you have to consider the goals you want to achieve with the procedure. Think about whether your goal is to look thinner or if you just wish to tighten your skin. It will be useful to do some research and find out what kinds of procedures are available on the market and figure out which one seems the most appropriate for you.

After you gain an idea of what might be the best choice for you, book a consultation with a professional technician. Your doctor will be able to explain the entire procedure to you thoroughly and estimate whether you are the right candidate for it.

The BBL procedure is not as invasive as you may think, but it does come with a long recovery process and common side effects. Your doctors will explain the recovery process to you in advance, but you might as well read about some of the most common side effects that could occur.

During the first few days post-operation, it is very common to experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort around the incision areas. You might also experience small amounts of fluid leaking out from the incision sights – however, that should not stress you out. Such fluids are quite common and are usually pink or red.

If anything that you are experiencing during your recovery worries you or seems excessive, you can always contact your doctor and book an appointment. All the side effects should go away on their own after the first week and should not last longer than that. In order to speed up your recovery process, listen to the advice your doctors give you.

Many people who are interested in the BBL procedure often wonder how drastically their weight and body shape will change. This always depends on your individual body shape and what type of look you are trying to achieve with the procedure. Whether your pants size will change mostly depends on the style of clothing you enjoy wearing.

Since the fat is harvested from your abdomen and waist, you will be slimmer in these areas, while your butt will be larger.You will become somewhat smaller, so some of your pants may not fit you perfectly after the procedure. You won’t have to change your entire wardrobe, but keep in mind that not all of your clothes will fit you as they did before.

BBL helps you obtain the ideal butt shape through the fat-transferring process. Since the fat follows the general metabolism of your body, your glute workouts will not cause a loss of your BBL. If you do proper workouts and target your buttocks, it might actually help with increasing the size of the butt and maintaining the perfect body shape.

It is important to keep in mind that alterations to your BBL can alternate if you have fluctuations in your body weight. If you have a smaller caloric intake, you will experience weight loss from the whole body, including the fat from the BBL. If you wish to retain the same look of your BBL for a longer period, you should adjust your workouts and calorie intake accordingly. This will help you avoid any possible drastic changes.

Sometime after your BBL procedure, you may come to notice that your butt area is starting to develop cellulite. As the fat is distributed and settled down in this area, you may experience a bit of wrinkling, dimpling, and uneven textures caused by the cellulite cells. This is not something that should be scaring you, especially because it can easily be fixed.

There are numerous cosmetic procedures and massages which can help you keep the skin on your butt smooth and tight. However, if you are experiencing some unusual dents, it may be a sign of unsuccessful fat transplantation. Transplanted fat sometimes does not survive because of improper nurturing and it results in some dents in your bottom area.

It can also happen if you are not following the instructions and restrictions from your doctors, which is necessary in order to maximize the survival of your transplanted fat cells. If you follow the rules after the procedure and continue to take care of your figure even after the recovery is over – you will minimize the chances of such a problem occurring.

One of the most important things regarding your BBL recovery process is to avoid sitting on your butt for at least two or six weeks after the surgery. Now, this may come as a surprise, as numerous regular daily activities include sitting – including sitting on the toilet.

Since it is highly recommended to avoid sitting, you should opt for other alternatives such as squatting or holding onto something. A BBL pillow can also be used in these situations, and it is very suitable for patients recovering from the procedure. These pillows will allow you to sit more comfortably and without too much pressure on your buttocks. However, try not to use it for too long and only use it occasionally.

Your first shower after the BBL procedure will probably be quite stressful and uncomfortable. There are a lot of things you have to take care of and instructions you should follow. In order to make the shower as safe and comfortable as you can, there are a few things you should consider doing.

First, ensure that your incision areas are covered and not exposed to the shower steam directly while you are cleaning yourself. Water can be a risk for irritation and infection for a while after the procedure, so try to avoid it as much as you can. If you decide to shower, use lukewarm water, as hot water can cause your incisions harm.

Make sure you minimize the shower pressure while taking the first postoperative showers. Make it short and effective – this will not be the right time for long and relaxing showers. After the shower, ensure that you are gentle with the towel while drying your skin. Pat yourself with gentle motions and let the skin dry naturally.

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