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A breast lift in Miami is a surgical operation that changes the contour of the breasts and is carried out by a plastic surgeon under general anesthesia. The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon who raises the breasts by removing extra skin and reshaping the breast tissue.

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Here are some before and after pictures of our previous patients. Check out the photo gallery and see for yourself what amazing results you can expect if you have this surgery done at Miami Lakes Cosmetics clinic.

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Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Procedure

What to Expect During the Procedure?

In most cases, breast lifts can be performed as outpatient procedures while the patient is under general anesthesia. There are many different approaches to this technique. Because of the unique characteristics of your breasts, your surgeon will collaborate with you to establish the treatment method that will yield the best results.

In the vast majority of cases, breast lifts require three separate incisions. The first one is going to go around the areola, which is the dark skin that is located around the nipple. The second incision is made beginning just below the nipple and extending all the way down to the base of the breast. The breast crease, also known as the bottom of the breast, is the location of the final incision.

These incisions delineate the areas of the breast from which excess skin can be removed in order to correct issues caused by aging or sagging. Additionally, it gives surgeons the ability to relocate the nipple to a new position. Following the removal of any excess skin, the nipple will be moved to a new location, and the breast will be redefined around them.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

How Much Is a Breast Lift in Miami, FL

How much is a breast lift in Miami, FL? Your personal breast lift procedure will be tailored to meet your individual requirements and aesthetic objectives. If you are planning to undergo a breast lift in Miami, the cost will depend on the extent of the correction you want, as well as the method that is employed, but most women spend somewhere around $2,500 and $8,000 on the procedure.

The price will also depend on the Clinic’s policy and their prices in general.
Because this is an elective cosmetic surgery, insurance usually won’t cover the surgery and the following recovery expenses. Luckily, we at Miami Lakes Cosmetics offer some convenient payment methods, so you can choose the option that suits your financial capabilities.

How to Finance a Breast Lift in Miami

Miami Lakes Cosmetics offers very convenient payment terms. If you’re interested in this surgery but can’t currently pay for the whole amount at once, you can apply for credit payment options on our website. Submit an online application and check if you’re eligible for this credit by providing us with some essential information.




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How Do I Prepare for a Breast Lift?

In order to get ready for breast lift surgery, patients might be asked to do the following things:

  • Obtain laboratory testing as well as a medical examination,
  • Take specific medications, or make adjustments to the medications you’re already taking,
  • Get a baseline mammogram before your surgery and then get another one after to help identify any changes that may occur in your breast tissue in the future,
  • Give up smoking,
  • Stay away from aspirin, other anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal supplements because they can make bleeding worse.

Recovery Process

Following breast lift surgery, you can expect to experience some discomfort, as well as swelling and bruising. Your skin might have a constricted feeling. The duration of these effects is approximately two weeks, and they get better over time.

Your medical team will remove any drains that were placed near the incisions a few days following the procedure. Healing completely from incisions can take a few months’ time. A number of surgeons recommend that you spend a few weeks after the surgery sleeping on your back. In this matter, you should consult with your surgeon.


Who Is the Perfect Candidate for the Procedure?

Meeting face-to-face with a plastic surgeon is by far the most effective way to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this surgery. The experienced staff at Miami Lakes Cosmetics clinic can start by examining your breasts as well as several health factors during a consultation to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. They will also answer any questions you may have at that time. On that note, there are a few things that make you the right candidate for this procedure, such as:
Breasts of younger women tend to point either upwards or outwards until the onset of sagging, at which point the breasts shift downward. Surgery is the most effective treatment for women who want to restore their breasts to their previous position. A woman who has considerable drooping of her breasts and is unsatisfied with their appearance due to the sagging is a perfect choice for breast lift surgery.
As your breasts sag, it’s likely that your nipples will follow suit and sink as well. Nipples that rest lower than the breast’s natural line against the chest can often cause women to feel dissatisfied with their appearance. Your cosmetic surgeon would not only lift the breast tissue upward during a breast lift, but they will also realign the position of the nipples themselves. In the event that your areola has grown bigger over time, the doctor has the ability to remove some of the skin in order to make it appear as though it is smaller.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding are the two times in a woman’s life that are most likely to have an effect on her breasts. In point of fact, after the first few years of motherhood, the majority of women notice sagging in their breasts. Patients who have had this surgery prior to nursing typically find that the work that was accomplished through surgery is undone. If you are planning to have more kids in the future, surgeons strongly recommend that you postpone scheduling your breast lift until after you have decided that you do not intend to become pregnant again.
During the breast lift surgical procedure, your surgeon will not change the size of your breasts; instead, he or she will reposition the breast tissue that is already there. Breast augmentation and reduction are options that should be considered by any woman who desires either larger or smaller breasts. If you really want your boobs to be resized and repositioned, the great news is that these treatments can be merged with a breast lift to accomplish both of those goals.

Breast Lift Risks and Side Effects

Because it is an invasive surgical procedure, a breast lift carries with it the potential for a number of risks and complications, including the following:

  • Asymmetry of the breasts (meaning they don’t look exactly the same),
  • Bleeding,
  • Alterations in your sense of touch, such as numbness in your breast skin, nipples, or areolas. In addition, the nipples and areolas on the left and right sides of the body may have distinct sensations,
  • Complications resulting from the anesthesia, such as feeling sick, throwing up, or having trouble waking up,
  • Nerves, blood vessels, or muscles may be damaged,
  • Hematoma, also known as a pouch of blood that forms under the skin, which might need to be drained,
  • Inability to produce breast milk (lactate) in the foreseeable future,
  • Incisions that do not heal in an expected manner,
  • Infection or inflammation,
  • The loss of either the nipple or the areola,
  • Pain or swelling which persists for a longer period of time than was anticipated,
  • Lack of satisfaction with the results, which may require additional surgical intervention,
  • Discoloration and irregularities of the skin.

Before the Breast Lift in Miami Consult With a Surgeon

It can be difficult to decide if you’re ready for this surgery, as you might be worried about the potential risks or have additional questions or concerns. No matter the case, our trustworthy team of experts is always ready to help you and solve all of the potential dilemmas that might come up before and after the surgery. This is why we strongly advise our potential clients to book a consultation at Miami Lakes Cosmetics clinic and talk to our staff prior to surgery. After a detailed examination, your surgeon will know more about your specific case and current health condition, therefore they will also know if you are currently a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Feel free to contact us and choose a time and date for your consultation. We can also help you learn more information about the potential price of this surgery, regarding your current condition and preferences. It is always better to talk to our experts directly than to look for information online – the exact price depends on your case and our company’s policy. We offer a convenient payment option, so there is nothing you should worry about.


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Frequently asked questions

The specifics of the recovery process following a breast lift can, like those following any other procedure, differ from person to person. After one to two weeks, the majority of women can anticipate feeling well enough to go back to work, and the majority of the swelling will resolve itself in approximately three to six weeks.

Nevertheless, patients will still be required to follow the postoperative guidelines provided by their surgeon and refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activity for the period of recovery. These instructions will probably include things like getting plenty of rest, staying away from heavy lifting, avoiding straining your back by wearing supportive medical underwear, taking any medications that have been prescribed, and going to all of your scheduled follow-up appointments.

It is normal for patients to experience some discomfort or pain following surgery, but most women report that breast augmentation or breast lift is significantly less painful than they anticipated it would be. The majority of the time, patients will comment that the discomfort or pain is confined to the incisions, as opposed to the pain being felt within the breasts or all over the chest.

Some aspects of the procedure, however, may be more painful than others. For example, liposuction towards the side of a chest may cause some tenderness. Other aspects of the procedure may not cause any pain at all.
You are going to require some post-operative pain meds, and the doctor will talk to you about your options in this regard. Your regular doses of paracetamol and anti-inflammatory medication are very effective in reducing the amount of pain and discomfort you experience after surgery.

The use of surgical drains may be necessary after your procedure in order to prevent a buildup of fluid that the body naturally generates during the initial stages of the healing process. In case your drains are not eliminated while you are in the hospital, it is possible that you will be required to leave the clinic with the drains still in place.

After having a breast lift and tummy tuck surgery, how long do I have to wait for the drainage to stop? If you want your surgical drains removed, you need to have a drainage rate of fewer than 40 milliliters per twenty-four-hour period.

Patients who have undergone breast lift procedures while staying in the hospital for the night will likely have their drains removed the day following surgery, just before they are released from the facility. Patients who have had an implant revision or a tummy tuck may be discharged from the hospital with their drains still in place.

Your surgical drains might remain in their place for anywhere from three to ten days after surgery.
Once your drains have collected fewer than 40 milliliters over the course of a day, you can schedule an appointment for the nursing staff to remove your drains.

Patients who are considering breast lift surgery frequently wonder whether or not they will experience a loss of nipple sensation as a result of the procedure. Any alteration in nipple sensation, if it does occur at all, is almost always only short-term and will typically disappear somewhere between six and eight weeks after the breast lift process.

Because of the possibility that the nerve source to the nipple will be disrupted while the operation is being performed, the nipple sensations may be altered. This may be the result of the nerve being cut or stretched as a result of the use of an implant.

The regeneration of nerves can be accompanied by a variety of uncomfortable sensations, the most common of which are tingling, itching, or a “shooting” feeling that comes and goes. There is a possibility that some patients will experience increased sensation, while others will experience decreased sensation.

The majority of women report that the breast lift surgical treatment is noticeably less painful than they expected it would be. Although it is common for clients to feel some discomfort or pain after surgery, it is important to note that this is not considered a negative outcome. In the vast majority of cases, individuals will remark that the discomfort or pain is contained in the incision.

There are dangers associated with each and every type of surgical procedure, regardless of whether or not it employs less invasive methods. Despite having excellent effectiveness and safety and assisting millions of women in making positive changes in their lives, it bears repeating that a breast lift is still a surgical procedure. Some of the possible complications that may occur during a breast lift are:

  • Annoyance or discomfort, ranging from mild to moderate pain,
  • Numbness and a loss of sensation are symptoms,
  • Symptoms at the incision sites may include itching, tenderness, and swelling,
  • Bruising at the sites where the surgery was performed,
  • Visible scarring.
A “mommy makeover” is not a modern phrase for a set of procedures; it simply refers to a combination of surgical procedures that restores the patient to their pre-baby shape as close as possible. A mommy makeover is any breast surgery combined with any abdominal surgery. This is the most fundamental definition of the term. It is possible to shorten the amount of time necessary for recovery and get back onto your feet more rapidly if you carry out these procedures simultaneously.

The effects of undergoing a tummy tuck and a breast lift are almost always amazing, but the thing that often concerns women is not the results – it’s the price. Although this makeover may feel like it is worth a fortune, you should know the price in advance by consulting with your surgeon. The approximate costs for individual breast and tummy makeovers go both around $5,000 or more, so the combination of these two can sometimes cost over $10,000.

Since your breasts will be larger after breast augmentation surgery, you will be required to lie down in an elevated position for at least one to two months (around 6 weeks for the vast majority of patients). Lying in this position aids in decreasing swelling, and it does so primarily by removing pressure from the areas where the incisions were made as well as the implants themselves.

After undergoing breast lift surgery, the majority of patients can expect to feel well enough to return to work after one or two weeks. The majority of the swelling will cure itself in around 3 to 6 weeks after surgery.

Patients are advised to move around carefully right after surgery, so you shouldn’t engage in any vigorous activity or lift anything heavier than five pounds for about six weeks. In case you start lifting heavy objects before you completely heal, you may cause some unnecessary complications.

The issue at hand is not one of “building muscles,” as that term is commonly understood. Your plastic surgeon is probably more concerned about the possibility of bleeding or fluid accumulation, and even possible disruption of the suture lines.

It is not advised to elevate your breasts while you are nursing. Once the nipple breastfeeding has ended, the general waiting time is three to six months. To get the best results, the breasts must gradually return to their pre-pregnancy state.

Expect to feel some tenderness and discomfort in the area of your breast for at least 2 weeks following surgery. You also have some noticeable bruising and swelling, but after 2 to 3 weeks this will start to reduce. They will give you a series of pain medications to take for the first few days to help you recover, but some women do need pain relief for 3 to 5 days. It is highly likely that they will ask you to avoid showering or bathing for the first few days to help keep any incisions you stay clean and dry. 


They will also recommend you to follow a low-sodium diet to help quickly reduce any swelling


They should also avoid exposure to the sun for the first few months, making sure your scars can fully heal because the sunlight can easily cause discoloration and irritation of any scarring

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