BBL and Tummy Tuck Supply List

BBL and Tummy Tuck Supply List

Many women want to improve their body shape after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. A highly advanced procedure known as mommy makeover helps women achieve their goals. The surgery combines different cosmetic procedures, including Tummy Tuck Miami, BBL, and liposuction. 

Cosmetic surgeries require preoperative and postoperative supplies essential for proper and accurate results. However, most women don’t know about these supplies. That’s why today’s article will give you a list of BBL and tummy tuck supply lists to ensure everything goes well. Read on!

What supplies do I need after BBL and tummy surgery?

Planning for cosmetic surgery is a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if you lack knowledge about it. However, when you list the necessary supplies required before and after the surgery, you can have peace of mind and achieve the desired results. Here is everything you need to know! 

Before BBL and Tummy Surgery

You need a few items before the tummy tuck and BBL surgery. These include iron/vitamin C, B vitamins supplements, Tylenol, Advil, or other pain relievers, feminine pads, body wipes, compression socks, face towels, toothbrush and paste, mouth wash, flat shoes, and specialized dresses. 

You will also need a cotton tank, Glucose testing kit if you have diabetes, drugs for nebulization if you have asthma, abdominal board, BBL pillow, epi foam, etc. While you can buy these items, we recommend discussing the matter with your health provider and asking for a list of things you will need before the surgery. Your surgeon knows about the items required. 

Blood Health Supplement

A growing body of research evidence shows that blood health supplements are an excellent way to speed up the recovery process after tummy tuck and BBL. A blood health supplement has essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, iron, and antioxidants, which improve your skin’s health and accelerate the healing process by increasing the blood flow to the incision site or wound. 

Week 1

The first week after the surgery is the most critical time because your incisions are fresh, and there is more likelihood of infections. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on the list of supplies based on your health provider’s instructions. Keep reading! 

Low Compression Faja

Low Compression Faja After BBL

A low compression faja, also known as the stage-1 faja, is a compression garment that minimizes inflammation, swelling, and pain. It puts gentle pressure on the tissues and prevents excessive fluid from accumulating. The purpose is to ensure your body absorbs fluid and speeds up the healing process. 

Seamless Tank Tops

Wearing seamless tank tops during the first week is an excellent way to reduce chafing, improve muscles’ strength, and let the tissues breathe. A lightweight tank top can reduce pressure on the surgical site and allow cells at the incision site to breathe appropriately. 

Female Urinal

A female urinal is a reliable product that helps the patient avoid urine issues. For example, you can use the product during the first week to ensure proper urinating with less disruption. A female urinal is also beneficial for reducing severe discomfort and pain during the first week because the rehabilitation requires you to maintain low mobility. 

Female Urination Device Silicone Funnel Urine Portable
Female Urination

Lipo Foams

Lipo foams reliable item to purchase and use during the first week of the rehabilitation period. Lipo foams reduce bruising, swelling, and ecchymosis. At the same time, it ensures a uniform compression over the surgical site or healing area. Moreover, lipo foams are ideal for the abdomen, thighs, lower back, upper back, buttocks, and belly button. 

Abdominal & Lumbar Boards

Abdominal and lumbar boards support your lower spine and stomach areas. The purpose is to ensure proper compression and reduce the risk of swelling. Abdominal and lumbar boards can also prevent fluid retention. 

Make sure you purchase these products based on your health provider’s instructions. A well-designed abdominal or lumbar board with the latest compression technology can accelerate the healing of tissues and muscles after the tummy tuck and BBL procedures. 

Antiseptic Skin Cleanser

You will need an antiseptic or antimicrobial skin cleanser to prevent the risk of bacterial accumulation at the incision site. Remember, this is critical because bacterial buildup at the wound or incision site can increase the risk of infection and cause other complications. Ethyl and isopropyl alcohol are the most common antiseptic skin cleansers. Again, we recommend following your surgeon’s guidelines to ensure everything goes well. 

Compression Socks

Compression socks can increase blood flow in your legs and thighs, support blood vessels, prevent blood from accumulation in the veins, reduce the risk of inflammation, decrease orthostatic hypotension and prevent ulcers. 

Slide on Shoes

Slide-on shoes are another essential item/product to purchase and use during the first week following the surgery. Instead of using flip-flops, you can wear slide-on shoes to walk without any problems from room to room. That way, you can reduce the risk of slippiness. 

Extra Large Cleansing Wipes

Extra-large cleaning wipes are essential for personal hygiene during the first week following the tummy tuck and BBL. You can use these wipes to reduce the risk associated with incontinence and mobility during the recovery period. Large wipes allow for better and gentle cleansing after using the washroom, restroom, or changing incontinence products. 

Plush Robe

The plush robe is a post-surgery recovery gown with several innovative features. For example, some robes have surgical drain pockets to manage discharges post-surgery. When you wear a plush robe during the first week, you will feel comfortable because this garment does not put pressure on the wounds and let you feel warm and cozy. 

BBL Pillow

BBL Pillows support your buttocks, thighs, and lower back, allowing your butt to hang free. The purpose is to avoid pressure on your backside and speed the recovery process. BBL pillows are also helpful in increasing blood circulation. 

BBL Pillow
BBL Pillow

Disposable Underpads

Disposable underpads, also known as chux, are reliable products that protect the mattress from discharge, fluid leaks, and urine damage (if you have urine problems). If you are staying in a hotel room, we recommend placing these pads above or below the linens.  


Tylenol is an anti-inflammatory medication prescribed to reduce swelling and pain during recovery. Take Tylenol or any other medicines prescribed by your doctor to prevent infection risks, fever, discomfort, and pain. 

Arnica Gel

Arnica gel is a topical ointment or cream applied to the surgical site. The gel has anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce swelling, speed up wound healing, and soothe muscle pain. 

Week 2 -Week 12

After two weeks, your body will have completed much of the recovery process. However, you will still need supplies to streamline the rehabilitation period because you will realize the full recovery after 12 weeks. A board-certified surgeon in Miami recommends the following supplies between the second and twelfth week. Continue reading! 

Antibiotic Ointment

As the name indicates, an antibiotic ointment is a topical product to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination, speed up wound healing, and decrease infections. The purpose is to keep the wound clean and moist. The most used antibiotic ointment is Neosporin. However, you must use an ointment prescribed by your doctor to reduce surgical site infection risks. 

Lymphatic Drainage Supplement

The lymphatic drainage supplement is another item to use after the second week up to the twelfth week. Sometimes, tummy tuck and BBL causes the accumulation of lymph fluid that can increase the risk of health conditions, such as lymphedema and fibromyalgia. Therefore, using the lymphatic drainage supplement, equip your body with essential nutrients to prevent fluid accumulation. 

Scar Treatment

There are specialized creams and ointments for reducing scar visibility after the surgery between the second and twelfth weeks. However, if your scar remains stubborn and does not fade, you can undergo the scar removal treatment for a more even tone and smooth texture. 

Second Stage Faja

The second stage faja is a customized product designed to tighten your muscles, accelerate recovery, and prevent fat reabsorption in the tummy area. Unlike the first stage faja, the second stage faja has a high-level compression. You can use the product as a waist trainer and shapewear. 

Final Words

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