Chin Implant and Neck Liposuction

Chin Implant and Neck Liposuction

A prominent, beautiful, and projecting neck with a well-contoured neck is the best feature of a woman and man’s facial beauty. A growing body of research evidence shows that chin implants can highlight or restore a person’s jawline. 

Although women and men benefit from a chin implant surgery, they can also leverage the effectiveness of neck liposuction, a sophisticated procedure that removes excess fat from the neck and jawline. Today’s article will discuss chin implants and neck liposuction. Read on! 

What is a chin implant? 

Chin Implant surgery is an ideal option for people with a weak, recessed, and less proportioned chin. The surgery allows people to restore the health and shape of their chin and feel more confident with their facial appearance. 

A chin implant surgery can enhance your facial harmony by optimizing your chin’s proportion with your facial features. It corrects a recessed, weak chin, improves your neck and jawline’s definition, and reduces the double chin risk caused by small bone in the area. 

A chin implant is a small and solid device made of silicone. A qualified and board-certified surgeon can mold the implant to fit it around your chin bone. These implants vary in shape, size, and contour. 

So, a board-certified surgeon can help you choose the best product that aligns with your desired outcomes. The purpose is to give you a more natural appearance. Moreover, a chin implant is an outpatient procedure performed under general or local anesthesia with sedation. 

The surgeon makes a small incision inside your mouth or underneath the chin during the procedure. The purpose is to create a space through the incision and insert the implant, ensuring it fits appropriately around your chin bone. 

Generally, chin implant surgery takes 60 to 80 minutes. However, if you need an additional cosmetic procedure, such as neck liposuction, the procedure will take more time. 

The surgeon will close the incision with sutures and bandage your chin following the procedure. Because the surgeon inserts the implant via an incision inside your mouth or underneath the area, the chin implant scar has reduced or no visibility. 

What is Neck Liposuction 

Neck liposuction is a sophisticated cosmetic procedure that eliminates excess pockets of fatty tissues in the neck area. A board-certified surgeon commonly combines neck liposuction with a chin implant to remove the submental fat and prevent the risk of a double chin. 

The primary goal of neck liposuction is to remove unwanted fat. However, when combined with a chin implant, the procedure offers dual benefits, such as fat removal and improved chin projection. 

As a result, you achieve a more contoured and sculpted jawline. Neck liposuction bruising and swelling are common side effects following the surgery. However, it will decrease within a few days and disappear within ten to twenty days. 

Remember, you may also experience numbness in the neck and chin area following the procedure. However, this is normal and disappears within a few weeks. Follow your surgeon’s postoperative guidelines to speed the recovery process. 

Neck Liposuction Recovery 

Neck liposuction recovery requires careful planning and preparation. For instance, you will feel comfort by relieving bruising and swelling within three to five weeks. Recovery from neck liposuction is a speedy process because this is a minimally invasive surgery.  

In addition, most chin implant surgery patients experience a downtime of seven to ten days. However, they resume their day-to-day activities within seven to ten days following the surgery because the discomfort, pain, and swelling are minimal. If you experience increased pain, apply cold compresses or take medications to reduce it. 

Cost of chin implant and neck liposuction

The average cost of chin implant and neck liposuction in Miami is somewhere between $1,200 and $1,800 per treatment. However, the overall cost may increase due to various factors, such as implant quality, surgical equipment, and preoperative care. 

What to do Next? 

A well-defined neck, chin, and jawline structure is the most prominent feature of your attractive face. At Moon Plastic Surgery, we have board-certified surgeons with years of experience placing a custom-fit chin implant and removing excess fatty tissues from your neck. 

Thus, our surgeon can give you a well-contoured, more sculpted, and beautiful neck and chin to improve your facial harmony. Call us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday to Friday to know more about chin implant and neck liposuction. 

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