How long after Breast Augmentation can I Workout

Woman Workout after Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is an advanced procedure that makes you feel more attractive, confident, sexier, and good-looking. Not only does breast augmentation improve your self-confidence, but it also enables you to enjoy shopping for your favorite clothes. 

The procedure enhances your breasts’ shape, size, and volume, allowing you to have better relationships with your significant other and feel confident enough to explore new opportunities. In simple words, breast augmentation is directly proportional to improved quality of life. 

The recovery period is between four to eight weeks. It is relatively a safe and effective procedure. However, you must follow your health provider’s instructions to speed up the healing process and avoid complications. Based on your doctor’s instructions, you may undergo physical therapy sessions during the rehabilitation period. 

One of the most critical questions women ask is working out after the procedure. Although exercise is an excellent way to promote your overall wellbeing, it can hinder your progress after breast augmentation. Here is what you need to know! 

Week 1Rest
You should focus on resting as much, if not more than you did before surgery- it’s still good to practice walking around the house even though strenuous activities are avoided during this period of time!
After Weeks 1 – 2Start walking
Plan your walking exercise for cooler times of the day, such as mornings.
Weeks 2 – 4If you’re feeling good, don’t get complacent! You should stick with gentle activities and prioritize low-impact aerobic exercises without lifting weights.
Weeks 4 – 6After 4 weeks you should see the surgeon monitor progress and decide if it is safe to return to lifting weights. Activities such as running and jumping can begin at this time, always wearing a support bra.
After Weeks 6You can start with regular training
Six to eight weeks after breast augmentation surgery, patients are able to return back into normal exercise and their surgeon feels confident about recovery. It’s important that you take this time point into consideration when thinking of resuming your regular routine as it may be sooner rather than later for some people in terms on feeling “good enough” again!

Exercises to Avoid after Breast Augmentation

Most women experience swelling and soreness in their breasts after augmentation because implants take time to settle properly. Therefore, performing exercises too soon can slow down the healing process, increase soreness, swelling, and inflammation, and cause further discomfort. 

Sometimes, strenuous activity can also push your implants out of place during the first few weeks. Therefore, it is wise to avoid specific exercises after breast augmentation surgery to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are a few physical activities you should avoid during the rehabilitation period. 

1- Cardiovascular Exercises

Aerobic or cardiovascular exercises can increase your blood pressure and elevate the risk of bleeding again. Therefore, you must not perform cardio exercises like calisthenics, jumping jacks, running, and dancing to prevent injury to your breasts. 

2- Lifting Weights 

Weightlifting can cause massive problems, such as rupturing your implants and increasing the risk of internal infections. Lifting weights can move your implants into a different position. You can resume weightlifting exercises when your doctor clears you for strenuous activities. 

3- Jogging and Running 

Generally, jogging and running increase blood circulation to all muscle groups in the body. These workouts also increase blood flow to the brain and release hormones like serotonin and dopamine to make you feel happy. 

However, running and jogging are high-impact exercises and post significant risks for women undergoing breast augmentation. These workouts can increase the risk of implant rupture and damage.  

What Exercises Can I do after Breast Augmentation

Woman thinking about Exercises after Breast Augmentation

Experienced cosmetic surgeons recommend light and comfortable exercises during the rehabilitation period. For example, you can start light walking after your surgery to ensure the blood flows throughout your body. Make sure you take short walks in your room every 2-3 hours to prevent the risk of blood clots. 

You can resume your workout regimen after two to three weeks. Remember to consult your health provider before continuing a regular exercise routine. After two weeks, you can walk on a treadmill. 

However, heavy lifting is not appropriate even at this state because the implants have not been settled yet. Some of the most recommended workouts after breast augmentation are: 

  • Shoulder Rolls
  • Shoulder Wings
  • Forward Wall Crawls
  • Arm Circles
  • Side Bends

When can I Run after Breast Augmentation?

Woman running after Breast Augmentation

Engaging in light exercises is beneficial for your overall health and accelerates the recovery process. During the first week, your surgeon will allow you to take short walks in your home. 

After two weeks, your surgeon will evaluate your condition, depending on your health status. The surgeon may recommend low-intensity or low-impact exercises, such as walking on a treadmill. 

Running during the first few weeks is not beneficial for the recovery process. Once you fully recover after six to eight weeks, you can resume strenuous exercises, such as jogging and running. 

Remember, every woman has a different recovery pace, so it is better to consult your health provider to determine the right time for your “running exercise.” Resuming this activity entirely depends on how quickly your body heals. 

What Happens If You Exercise Too Soon After Breast Augmentation?

Exercising too soon after the breast augmentation surgery can cause a wide range of potential problems, such as increased risks of implant damage, rupture, bruising, swelling, inflammation, bleeding, soreness, and severe pain. 

Final Words 

Exercise is an integral part of your day-to-day life, but you can’t indulge in strenuous activities during the first few weeks after your breast augmentation. Studies show that women can resume 25% of their exercise regimen after 3-4 weeks, 50% after 5-6 weeks, and 75% after 6-8 weeks. 

Once fully recovered, you can resume workouts like running, planks, dancing, biking, swimming, push-ups, and weightlifting. Lastly, call us today if you are looking for a qualified surgeon who can carry out Breast Augmentation Miami efficiently and safely, 

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