How To Sleep After BBL and Breast Augmentation

Sleep After BBL and Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is an evidence-based, result-driven, and highly reliable and safe procedure for women who want to improve their breasts’ shape, size, and volume. Breast augmentation performed by a qualified, certified, and experienced plastic surgeon in Miami can help you feel more attractive, confident, and luscious. 

In addition to breast augmentation, women undergo Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as BBL, to improve their butt shape and size. Augmentation and BBL are parts of an advanced all-inclusive procedure called “mommy makeover.” BBL is a widely used cosmetic surgery for men and women unsatisfied with their backside. 

BBL requires the surgeon to extract and harvest fat cells from other body parts using liposuction and inject them into the butt area. The purpose is to achieve the desired volume and fullness in your buttocks and have a more balanced figure. 

Like augmentation, BBL is an effective and safe procedure if performed by a qualified plastic surgeon in Miami. Most patients’ primary concern about BBL and augmentation as parts of the mommy makeover is comfort and safety during the rehabilitation period. So, how to sleep after BBL and augmentation? Here is everything you need to know! 

Sleep on Your Sides

The average recovery duration for a BBL procedure is between three to four weeks. It means you should refrain from strenuous activities and heavy exercises, such as squatting, jogging, running, and weightlifting. Movements that stretch your butts can cause complications. At the same time, you should not sleep on your back to prevent injuries and other problems. 

Because you have undergone both BBL and breast augmentation, you can’t sleep on your stomach. The best sleep position after mommy makeover (BBL and augmentation) is sleeping on your side. Another position recommended by surgeons is the fetal position, allowing you to alleviate your butt and back pain caused by BBL. 

While sleeping on your side or in the fetal position, make sure you use soft pillows or the ones recommended by your surgeon for added comfort. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or any other position because this can put pressure on your incisions cause severe pain, discomfort, swelling, and inflammation. At the same time, it can increase the risk of implant damage or rupture. 

BBL Bed with Hole for Recovery

Woman Sleep After BBL and Breast Augmentation

Numerous products are available on the market that can help you speed up your recovery process. However, not all products are reliable and comfortable. Miami’s plastic surgeons recommend the BBL Bed with holes for improved and accelerated recovery. 

Amazon Link: Inflatable BBL Mattress for Post Surgery Recovery and Sleeping

PJ Vital inflatable BBL mattress is a reliable product you can use to streamline your sleep. The product is premium quality PVC material with improved thickness and smoothness to ensure comfort and reliability. Not only does this BBL mattress support your body, but it also avoids pressure on your butt. 

The mattress comes with an air pump you can use for air filing based on your needs. In addition, the design, comfort, and shape of the bed enable you to use it anywhere.

For example, you can use this product in your room, hotel room, beach, etc. Whether sleeping, reading a book, watching TV, or resting in your bedroom, PJ Vital inflatable BBL mattress is an excellent product and worth your investment. 

You can use BBL Recovery Pillows

BBL recovery pillows can speed up the healing process and ensure your butt, back, and abdominal regions remain safe during the rehabilitation period. Kolbs BBL recovery pillow is one of the best products available on the market, offering numerous innovative features, such as 1.3-inch plush memory foam to promote a good night’s sleep. 

It has a medical-grade and high-density foam wedge that supports the foam and ensures adequate firmness and proper support for your body. Not only is this pillow beneficial for quick recovery, but it also helps with medical conditions, like acid reflux, heartburn, etc. 

Can I sleep without my faja after BBL?

Cosmetic procedures require patients to wear a faja or compression garment after the surgery. A faja is an excellent garment used during the rehabilitation period to speedy BBL recovery. A faja reduces the risk of swelling, inflammation, and pain. Likewise, it tightens your skin and ensures everything goes well. 

Depending on your health status and recovery speed, your surgeon may or may not recommend you a faja. The general rule of thumb is to wear a faja throughout the day. However, you must remove it when showering or sleeping. On the other hand, this depends on whether you feel comfortable with a faja while sleeping. 

Final Words 

Breast Augmentation Miami and Brazilian Butt Lift are advanced procedures combined during the mommy makeover, offering promising and reliable results to women who want to achieve a better and improved body shape. Contact us today if you are looking for reliable, quality, and affordable augmentation and BBL surgery in Miami. 

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