Laterals lats vs hips BBL

Laterals lats vs hips BBL

Most women, and many men, prefer a fuller and more rounded buttocks appearance. Unfortunately, not every woman can meet this standard. Fortunately, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) can help. This cosmetic procedure involves the removal of some fat from the woman’s body for transfer into the buttocks area to enhance volume and fullness.

By the time most women have reached their early twenties, they normally have curvaceous and round buttocks with good definition. Unfortunately, by the time many women reach middle age, the shape of their buttocks tends to become flatter and smaller. To enhance their buttocks’ size, shape, and curves, some women undergo a BBL procedure to reshape their bodies. If you are looking for a BBL in Miami you can contact us 

What is a BBL?

Instead of relying upon implants, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involves using a small liposuction procedure to remove fat from the patient, which your surgeon will transfer into your buttocks area to enhance shape and fullness.

The fat is usually taken from the waist, thighs, abdomen, or back before placement into the buttocks area. 

The BBL procedure is popular among those who have no plans to have children in the future and want to regain their body contours.

Although some women want to have a much more voluminous and fuller buttocks area, many want the area to return to how it looked when they were younger.

Following a BBL procedure, women can take pride in having a smaller waist and fuller butt, allowing them to start wearing their favorite clothes again. Some men have even undergone the BBL procedure to obtain the fuller buttocks area that they have been unable to achieve in the gym.

Unlike other types of butt augmentation, such as implants, the BBL procedure does not require silicone placement within the body.

The BBL procedure offers more natural-looking results, leading to a pleasantly and attractively shaped buttocks area. The popular procedure can also correct poorly shaped and sagging buttocks that result from the natural aging process.

Does a BBL give you hips?

“Hip dips” are inward curves or indentations on the sides of the body above the thigh and right under the hip bone. Many women feel self-conscious about the appearance of hip dips.

To achieve dazzling hips that complement your body, you want to treat the entire area since hips don’t exist in isolation.

Laterals and Hips

To maximize the fullness of the lateral buttocks, lateral hip augmentation is needed. This turns the “double bubble” shape into an hourglass shape, which is highly sought after by female patients. The hourglass shape is still the most iconic symbol of feminine beauty. When mid-butt lifting is combined with lateral hip augmentation, the result is a voluminous lateral buttocks contour.

With a little help from the waistline and hips, you can get that perfectly shaped figure.
Lateral hip augmentation is crucial for enhancing female contours in all of their glory – it’s no wonder this treatment has become so popular!

What’s the difference between shelf and slope BBL?

Many people contemplating undergoing a BBL procedure wonder about the difference between slope and shelf. The difference comes down to the result rather than the technique.

Slope refers to a rear end that is slope-shaped. Although it is very curvaceous, it is still natural and gradual in its contours. The buttocks are tight and have enough volume for an attractive contour.

Your BBL Procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic surgery involving the transfer of fat from one area of the body into the buttocks to enhance shape and fullness. Your surgical team will mark the areas of transferral before your procedure. They will then collect this fat using a liposuction procedure.

Next, your surgeon will inject the donated fat into your buttocks and hips, depending upon your aesthetic desires.

Finally, your surgeon will close up your incisions and apply a compression garment next to your skin to minimize swelling, bruising, and bleeding.

Recovering From Your BBL

It will probably take as long as four weeks for you to feel like yourself again after your BBL procedure.

When you return home from your procedure, you may want to begin taking your pain medication at this time. Avoid sleeping on your back. Sleep on your stomach or sides using pillows to prop yourself up.

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