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Testimonials of our patients

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Alexis / Mommy Makeover

When you don’t feel good about yourself specially physically it makes you want to just hide from everyone but now that I’m able to actually be okay with me I wanna do everything now and you guys get my that and I’m so grateful, I’m so happy and I cannot wait to see my results. Thank you guys


Tummy Tuck Surgery Reviews

mercedes testimonial
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From the last 18 years I’ve been uncomfortable with my belly area and now I’m 3 days after surgery just a little lower back pain but overall it just feel like muscle soreness after a workout, I’m still in disbelief that my belly is really gone! I just love my results

Mercedes / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

amber testimonial
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My experience at Miami Lakes has been great! The ladies have been awesome every time I call with 100 questions they made sure I had everything and call me to make sure everything was okay! I’ve been really comfortable with everything Dr Torres has been great!

Amber / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

lashanon testimonials
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I’m coming from Atlantic Georgia I got an extended tummy tuck and I’m really excited about it because I want to be more confident about certain part of my stomach. Dr Torres has a lot of good reviews so anyone thinking about doing surgery, just do it!

Lashanon / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Latonya Testimonial
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The experience at Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery has been fine, they will answer each of my calls they’re just wonderful and left me really snatched up!!

Latonya / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Mommy Makeover Surgery Reviews

Joana Testimonial
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He cambiado mis implantes y hasta ahora me siento fantástica, encantada con los resultados, todo lo que el Dr. Torres hizo y el equipo ha sido fenomenal. ¡Definitivamente recomendaría Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery!

Joana/ At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Michel Testimonial
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Michel Soriano / Mommy Makeover

It gives you the confidence and what you need to be your actual self because right now I’m just timid, you’ll think losing the weight will help but it doesn’t because all the skin that’s left, so this does!

Michel Soriano / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Francis Testimonial
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Los encontré en Instagram y todo ha sido maravilloso, las coordinadoras me han ayudado un montón igual que todos aquí en la clínica! No duden en venir a visitarlos

Francis / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

monica testimonial
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Chequee los review de la clínica y koa resultados del Dr. Torres y me sentí en la confianza para decidir hacerme la cirugía, todas las muchachas me han ayudado mucho con la información y todo el proceso

Monica / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

elizabeth testimonial
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Estoy muy emocionada y le diría a todos q si quieren hacer este cambio lo hagan, los resultados son increíbles! Tuve un Mommy Makeover con el Doctor Torres

Elizabeth / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Liposuction Surgery Reviews

Wynsdai Testimonial
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I didn’t want to keep looking sloppy and trashy so this surgery gave the confidence I had missing

Wynsdai / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Britney Testimonials
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I’ve found the clinic on instagram and after looking a Dr Torres work for a while I decided it was time to get my surgery done, the results are amazing and the treatment I’ve received at the clinic was good!

Britney / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lit Surgery Reviews

Rose Testimonial
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Los encontré en las redes sociales y después de ver los resultados y ek trato desde el principio me hicieron sentir cómoda para hacerme el procedimiento con Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Rose / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Leidy Testimonial
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Está es una de las mejores clínicas de todo Miami, vine a hacerme un BBL, lo recomiendo 100%, tiene todas las certificaciones más de 25 años de experiencia y todo ha sido maravilloso

Leidy / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Tiara Testimonial
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My best friend came here after doing a lot of research and she came out looking snatched so I’ve decided it was my turn to get a BBL. I just found my Dr with Dr. Torres, the results are amazing and all the staff has been incredible to deal with!

Tiara / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

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I will 100% recommend Miami Lakes plastic surgery I’m feeling extremely good and comfortable, my sister was a patient here before and results were amazing so I’ve decide to be next and has been the best decision ever!

Grace / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery

Brittney Testimonial
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I’m done having kids so I just decided it was the right time to do something for me and got this surgery done! Everyone here at the clinic is super nice and helpful! I will 100% tell new patient to go for it! Faster than suffer at the gym

Brittney / At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery