Teardrop Breast Augmentation

Teardrop Breast Augmentation

One of the first things that most women decide upon when contemplating undergoing a breast augmentation procedure is implant size. However, implant shape is just as important to consider. One of the most desired looks for implants is the teardrop shape. But before locking in a decision about any type of medical procedure, cosmetic or not, patients need some solid information to help guide their choice so that they make the right decision about their bodies.

The “Teardrop” Look

The so-called “teardrop” look means that following surgery the breasts will be shaped like that of a teardrop, meaning that the breasts will have a fuller bottom and a more narrow shape on top. These types of implants were developed to retain this specific shape and are very popular with women seeking breast augmentation. These particular types of implants are sometimes thought of as ovals having a wider base and greater height than breast implants that are round.

The teardrop shape is a great implant choice for women desiring more control over the shape of their implants. Teardrop shapes are also more appropriate for those with certain body types. Teardrop implants also result in breast implants that are firmer. In most cases, teardrop implants appear more natural and subtle, offering a very pleasing aesthetic for women.

How are teardrop shapes different from round implants?

How are teardrop shapes different from round implants

There are a number of ways that teardrop-shaped implants are different from round implants. For one, the shape of each implant is obviously different. Round breast implants are known for having a more even shape, as well as being more circular than oval. Round implants are the traditional design, appearing quite plump and round.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to teardrop implants versus round implants. If you choose round implants, you will likely have a very pleasing result with nicely proportioned breasts. On the other hand, there are those who feel that round implants do not have as natural of a look as the teardrop shapes. In addition, teardrop implants give women greater control, with the ability to fill in certain breast areas.

Teardrop and round shapes are different in several ways but in the end, they both offer the perkiness and boost that most women are looking for in any breast augmentation procedure.

So whether you prefer teardrop or round implants often comes down to your own subjective desires. If you’re looking for a more natural appearance, the best solution for you may be teardrop breast implants. However, if you are looking for a more traditional breast augmentation, you may want to go with round implants.

If you are still undecided about whether to choose teardrop or round implants, you can ask for recommendations when you meet with your plastic surgeon in a consultation. They have experience treating many patients, so they should be able to offer you some great advice. But as mentioned earlier, there really is no one-size-fits-all choice.

What are implants made of?

Implants consist of a silicone shell with a filler material inside. Breast implants normally contain either saline solution or silicone gel.

Teardrop implants consist of both a silicone shell and a silicone filling, which is a gel. In comparison to other types of silicone breast implants, the teardrop type retains its shape, while leaving breasts naturally soft to the touch.

Are teardrop implants safe?

Breast implants have many years of safety evaluation behind them and are considered to be generally safe. Your practitioner should be screening you regularly to ensure that your implants stay in the correct location and are not experiencing any problems.

In the past, breast implants were more susceptible to rupturing and causing complications. If an implant ruptures, the gel could escape from the shell and into surrounding tissues.

Because of their superior strength, teardrop implants are not as likely to experience rupturing and leaking compared to other types of implants. One caution, however, is that teardrop implants that leak are more difficult to detect than saline. This should not be a problem for you if you undergo regular screenings to look for any problems.

The FDA recommends that women who have undergone breast augmentations with silicone implants be examined with an MRI three years after placement and every two years after that.

How much are teardrop implants?

How much does an Hourglass Mommy Makeover cost

Teardrop implants are more expensive than round breast implants. However, their cost varies widely, depending upon the practitioner. They could cost anywhere between $6,000 and $12,000. 

Some other factors that could influence the cost of teardrop implants include hospital and anesthesia fees. 

To determine the cost of a teardrop implant procedure in your area, be sure to contact your provider and take part in a consultation with them.

Implant Size

One factor contributing to the shape of your individual breast augmentation is breast implant size. For example, placing a very large implant into a woman who has a small frame will create more visibility, potentially making the augmentation appear less natural. Selecting a smaller implant volume leads to less visibility and a more natural result.

Another consideration is implant placement relative to the pectoralis major muscle, which is a chest muscle found under the breast tissue. A surgeon can place an implant over or under this muscle.

If you are looking for a more natural appearance, your surgeon would normally place the implant under the pectoralis major muscle.

If they place the implant over the muscle, the implant will be more visible and pronounced. This is because there is less tissue between the implant and the outside, leading to a more pronounced fullness.

At the end of the day, it’s your body and you can make the best choice for you and your treatment goals when meeting with your plastic surgeon during a consultation.

Teardrop Implants: Best Candidates

Teardrop Implants Best Candidates

As with any other type of surgery, you need to have certain traits so that you qualify to receive a teardrop breast implant. Good candidates should have:

  • Petite body type and minimal breast tissue
  • Breast that are wide-set
  • Low-sitting nipples
  • Minor breast sagging tissue
  • Small distance between the breast fold or crease and the areola

Teardrop Breast Implants Advantages

The following are some advantages of getting teardrop implants:

  • Look and feel natural
  • Retains shape
  • Ability to lift and centralized nipple position
  • Wider diameter offers better appearance and cleavage
  • Less chance of developing a complication called capsular contracture

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

Since the teardrop shape procedure is more complex than that of round breast implants, it is important that you choose the best surgeon for your procedure.

One of the most important aspects of considering the right surgeon is looking into their skills and knowledge level, as well as their experience with this type of surgery. It may be helpful to take a look at their website and examine any patient before-and-after photos.

When considering your prospective surgeon, look into where they receive their education. Make sure that they have completed all needed training programs and are continually adding to their knowledge base in their field. You will want a surgeon who is up-to-date on all of the latest technological innovations and improved techniques.

Breast Augmentation Precautions

Although teardrop implants have a good record of safety, there is always a chance of complications with any type of procedure. All types of breast augmentation procedures have a risk of:

  • Post-operative bleeding
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Implant rupture
  • Scarring
  • Breast tissue wrinkling
  • Nausea due to anesthesia

Patients are advised to maintain a stable body weight before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Wild weight fluctuations can alter the appearance of the breasts.

The Bottom Line

The choices that you make regarding the size and shape of your breast implants is very much an individual decision made between you and your plastic surgeon. So be sure to ask any questions that you may have during your consultation. It may be helpful to write down your questions first so that you don’t forget anything during this important meeting.

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