Tummy Tuck Belly Button Looks Weird

Tummy Tuck Belly Button Looks Weird

Tummy Tuck in Miami is advanced surgery that removes loose skin, tightens the muscles, and eliminates fat from the abdominal area. As a result, your tummy appears more contoured, flatter, and toned. 

Tummy Tuck is an integral part of the mommy makeover, a procedure that allows women to restore their body’s shape after pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. Tummy Tuck is a sophisticated approach to losing weight in a short period. 

Although Tummy Tuck is a safe procedure, it can cause mild to severe complications, depending on how the surgeon has performed the surgery. Sometimes, the belly buttons look weird after the surgeon removes the stitches. Today’s article will discuss why the belly button looks weird and address the problem. Read on! 

My Belly Button Looks Weird After Stitches Removed from Tummy Tuck

My Belly Button Looks Weird After Stitches Removed from Tummy Tuck

The surgeon makes an incision in the low abdomen area during the tummy tuck to remove the stretched skin and fat cells. The surgeon makes another incision around the belly button to release the loosened fat tissues and skin. 

The surgeon lifts the remaining upper skin and pulls it down to lower the skin near your pubic bone. The purpose is to stretch the skin, tighten the muscles, and choose the new position to place the belly button’s stalk. 

Remember, the surgeon attaches the belly button to the muscles below. The surgery creates a new opening for the belly button and distorts its shape. However, when the surgeon performs the procedure adequately, the likelihood of a distorted belly button reduces. 

On the other hand, a poorly performed procedure and failure to follow the postoperative guidelines can cause the belly button to appear flatter, deeper, or wrongly positioned or shaped. That’s why it is crucial to discuss your requirements with your health provider before undergoing the procedure. 

Sometimes, patients are satisfied with the surgery but unhappy with the shape of the belly button. In that case, you can undergo revision surgery to change your belly button’s shape, appearance, or position. 

We recommend contacting a board-certified surgeon if you notice signs of infections or a poorly shaped/positioned belly button after the surgery. The most common signs are your belly button looks too open or constricted, discharge or pus coming from the area, protruding of the belly button, distorted appearance, blood coming from the incision site, or painful sensations. 

How do I shape my belly button after a tummy tuck?

Some patients show concern about the shape and appearance of their belly button after the tummy tuck procedure. That’s why they ask the surgeon to use a marble to support the belly button and prevent it from distortion in the shape or position. 

Although this is an excellent approach, the appropriate shape of your belly button depends on the aftercare and how strictly you follow the health provider’s guidelines. For example, aftercare involves cleaning the area with warm water, avoiding strenuous activities, and taking medications to relieve swelling and inflammation. 

Board-certified plastic surgeons in Miami recommend undergoing umbilicoplasty, also known as belly button reshaping, to restore your belly button’s original shape, size, and position. Some surgeons also call this procedure the belly button rejuvenation.  

So, if you are not happy with your belly button after the tummy tuck and want to change its contour, size, shape, and position, you can undergo the revision surgery after one year. For example, the surgeon will shift the belly button’s position to a location to appear more attractive. 

When does the belly button look normal after a tummy tuck?

A botched belly button is the most disconcerting complication after the tummy tuck procedure. Although the problem rarely occurs, depending on how well the surgeon has performed the procedure, the belly button may alter, move, or appear weird after the surgery. 

Anyway, your belly button will have swelling or inflammation and may appear a little crusty after the operation. It takes six to eight months for your belly button to heal and appear normal. On the other hand, if you want to speed up the recovery, make sure you follow your surgeon’s postoperative guidelines. 

Final Words

Tummy Tuck in Miami is an advanced cosmetic surgery that offers many benefits to women who want to restore their body’s shape after pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. 

Remember, appropriate and desirable outcomes depend on how the surgeon has performed the surgery. Therefore, it is crucial to use the services of a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon in Miami. Contact us today for more information. 

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