Anchor Incision Breast Reduction

Anchor Incision Breast Reduction

Cosmetic procedures have facilitated many people, including women and men, to achieve their body contouring goals. Some people undergo liposuction and tummy tuck, while others undergo breast reduction surgery. Every individual has unique requirements and goals to achieve within their budget.

Reduction mammaplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery, is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat tissues from your breasts. For instance, if you have larger breasts, you can undergo this procedure to reshape your breasts and make their size proportionate to your body.

Breast reduction surgery is an excellent way for women to improve their self-image and self-confidence, allowing them to showcase their feminine beauty and live a happier life. Consult a professional, skilled, and experienced plastic surgeon in Miami if you have considered breast reduction.

The purpose is to know whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery, understand its pros and cons, and learn about the recovery period. So, this allows you to set realistic expectations. A board-certified surgeon in Miami performs breast reduction surgery via different techniques.

For instance, the surgeon makes an anchor-shaped incision to remove excess fat tissues from your breast while raising the nipple and areola. Once the surgeon has removed the excess breast tissue, they use stitches to bring the skin underneath your breasts.

On the other hand, a board-certified surgeon performs vertical mammaplasty, which requires the health professional to make a vertical incision. It involves adjustable markings for the nipple and reducing the central breast.

The surgeon sutures the gland to shape the breast. Remember, this technique does not rely on your skin, meaning there is no scar in the sub-mammary fold. Let us now discuss the breast reduction revision.

Anchor Vs. Vertical Incision Breast Reduction Revision

A scar revision is a cosmetic procedure performed to change the scar’s appearance. The primary purpose of undergoing revision surgery is to enhance your breasts’ cosmetic appearance and restore their proper shape/function. Complications caused by an anchor or vertical incision decrease a woman’s self-image.

Therefore, most women undergo the revision procedure to improve the itchy scar. Although a board-certified plastic surgeon can get the job done adequately, several studies have shown that revision surgery does not altogether remove the scars.

Whether you have discomfort due to an anchor-shaped or vertical incision, you can undergo the breast revision procedure to balance your breasts and improve scars. The primary purpose of this procedure is to help you achieve more contoured breasts that align with the rest of your body.

Although the scar removal procedure is effective, it may leave a new scar. However, the good news is that the new scar will appear smaller, finer, and less visible. Punch grafting is one of the most popular methods used to remove scars.

While some studies highlight that this procedure is ideal for more minor and deeper scars, others have confirmed it is suitable for all kinds of scars. The method involves extracting skin from another body area, such as ears, and replacing the previous scar. Thus, you have a shallower, smoother, and less visible scar.

Breast Reduction Incision Types

Many people think that bigger breasts are beautiful. Although this is true, having larger breasts does not always mean beautiful because a woman with a thinner body and bigger breasts does not look good.

So, this is where breast reduction surgery comes into play, a cosmetic procedure that allows women to shape and proportion their breasts based on their requirements. A board-certified surgeon in Miami makes different incisions intending to achieve the patient’s goals.

Liposuction for Breast Reduction

A board-certified surgeon uses the liposuction technique to perform breast reduction in some cases. Liposuction offers a wide range of benefits for breast reduction, such as a minimally invasive procedure, less visible scars, and long-lasting results. However, the technique is suitable for people looking for moderation reduction in their breasts size.

Vertical Breast Reduction

It is another procedure performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami. Vertical breast reduction is ideal for women who want to achieve a moderate decrease in their breasts size. If you have more saggy breasts, you can undergo this procedure.

The surgeon makes two incisions during the operation: one around the areola edge, and the other runs vertically from the areola’s bottom part to the inframammary fold. The purpose is to remove excess skin, fat, and tissues while reshaping the smaller breasts internally. As a result, you have healthier and more youthful-looking breasts.

Anchor Breast Reduction

Anchor breast reduction, also known as the inverted-T reduction, is another cosmetic procedure that requires the surgeon to make multiple incisions. Your surgeon in Miami will make an incision around the areola’s edge.

Likewise, the surgeon will make another incision underneath your breast along the crease. It is one of the best techniques to remove the maximum degree of fat tissues, allowing the surgeon to reshape and contour your breasts. So, if you are looking for significant breast reduction, you can undergo this procedure to eliminate sagging and correct your asymmetrical breasts.

What to do Next?

Whether you have larger, saggier, or less contoured breasts, you can consider breast reduction, particularly the anchor incision breast reduction, to achieve more youthful, healthier, and beautiful breasts with less noticeable scars. Our plastic surgeon in Miami has years of experience in breast reduction surgery and extensive knowledge of cutting-edge techniques. So, if you need more information on anchor breast reduction or want to discuss your specific requirements, you can call us or send us an email.

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