Best Faja for Tummy Tuck and BBL

best faja for tummy tuck and bbl

 Are you looking to achieve a stable body weight with reduced fat in the abdominal region? If yes, you can undergo Liposuction Miami, a highly advanced and clinically proven surgical procedure to achieve your goals by removing excess fat tissues from your belly.

Tummy Tuck, is a successful procedure that has helped hundreds of thousands of women across the U.S achieve a slimmer and leaner body. Likewise, BBL is an integral part of the mommy makeover and is usually performed with the tummy tuck to insert the harvested fat tissues into the buttocks. 

BBL surgery involves using your body’s fat to enhance your buttocks size, shape, and volume. Because your body’s fat acts as a filler, the results of the BBL last for a long time. It takes around six to eight months to fully realize the results. 

Faja is a specialized compression garment used to prevent complications and speed up recovery. Today’s article will address concerns about faja for the tummy tuck and BBL. Read on! 

At Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery, we highly recommend the Faja for Lipo 360 and BBL, Fajas BBL, and Fajas with Bra and Sleeves. These specialized garments are available at Navana and are designed to support and enhance the recovery process following cosmetic procedures. With a focus on comfort and functionality, these fajas are an essential part of post-surgical care.

What is Faja?

Faja is a compression garment, or shapewear patients use after tummy tuck and BBL. The purpose is to heal the scars accurately, reduce swelling/inflammation, and tighten the skin appropriately. Fajas are an excellent option for recovery because they come in different comfortable compression levels. 

There are three compression levels: stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3. You can use a faja to speed up the recovery after tummy tuck and BBL while reducing the discomfort in the surgical site. 

At the same time, you can improve the outcomes following the procedure by wearing a faja. Make sure you wear a compression garment or faja based on your doctor’s specific instructions or guidelines. 

Benefits of Faja

There are numerous benefits of wearing a faja after the tummy tuck and BBL. For instance, it streamlines the flabby skin’s attachment to the muscle, reduces tissue inflammation, decreases discomfort and pain after tummy tuck/liposuction and BBL, and prevents fluid retention.

In addition, you can use a premium-quality faja to stop bleeding, infections, and other complications following the surgery. A quality faja also reduces sagging and improves your posture. 

In addition, it gives you more control over the recovery process and increased blood circulation to the surgical area to speed up the incision or wound healing. Some fajas also have vitamin E, an essential nutrient that mends and smoothens your skin while preventing scars. Let us now discuss the three stages of faja. 

Stage 1 Faja

The surgeon prescribes the stage 1 faja immediately after the tummy tuck and BBL procedure. You may wear the faja for at least two to three weeks, depending on your overall health. The stage 1 faja has minimal compression to fit loosely on your body. The purpose is to avoid too much tightness. 

The primary goal of the stage 1 faja compression garment is to promote proper blood flow for healing and draining. Remember, the stage 1 faja does not fit or contour like a waist thinner or shapewear

For the initial recovery stage following a Tummy Tuck or BBL, the material of the Stage 1 Faja is crucial. We recommend Navanah’s Stage 1 Faja BBL for its high-quality construction, providing the support and comfort needed during this vital healing phase.

BBL Miami Special Offer
BBL Miami Special Offer

Stage 2 Faja

A stage 2 faja is a customized product you can wear as a waist trainer. Surgeons recommend patients wear the stage 2 faja two weeks after tummy tuck and BBL. You can wear this custom-designed faja from the second week to the fourth week. Stage 2 faja sculpts your waist, prevents regrowing fat, and tightens the muscles. 

The purpose is to control your abdomen and ensure everything goes smoothly. In addition, some stage 2 fajas come with a zipper closure with a hook.

For those looking to find the perfect faja for the recovery stages of a Tummy Tuck or BBL, the material used in the Stage 1 Faja is crucial. It’s vital to have something comfortable yet firm enough to support the body as it heals. That’s why we recommend Navanah for the high quality of their fajas. Known for their superior craftsmanship and materials, Navanah’s fajas are a top choice for many. If you’re progressing to the next stage of recovery, you can find more about Stage 2 faja BBL on their website. Their products are designed to meet the needs of each stage of recovery, providing the support and comfort necessary for optimal healing.

Stage 3 Faja

The stage 3 faja is a custom-designed product a board-certified surgeon in Miami recommends wearing between the sixth and twelfth week. The stage 3 faja is a highly reliable compression garment designed to speed up recovery.

The stage 3 faja usually has a waist trainer design and comes with latex, rods, and compression made of premium-quality material. The purpose is to increase the compression to a firmer and tighter level. 

For the final recovery phase of a Tummy Tuck or BBL, choosing the right support is key. We recommend Navanah’s Stage 3 Faja BBL for its top-quality design, ensuring comfort and support as you transition into full recovery.

Final Words 

Liposuction Miami and BBL are critical components of the mommy makeover procedure that improve your body’s shape, size, and volume according to your requirements. Wearing a faja following the surgery is an excellent way to prevent complications, including infections, muscle distortions, inflammation, pain, etc. 

Choosing the best faja depends on various factors. Your health provider can prescribe you the best faja, depending on your needs and healing speed. Contact us today for more information. 

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