Mommy Makeover Recovery

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If you’re looking for a body contouring procedure to tighten skin and remove loose, sagging skin following pregnancy (Mommy Makeover Recovery), you should definitely consider undergoing a mommy makeover procedure to help restore your appearance to how it was before pregnancy changed it.

Referring to the “mommy makeover” as one procedure is a bit misleading, as a makeover is actually a bundle of procedures that are customized for each individual patient. The parts that make up your mommy makeover in Miami may be different from that of another patient.

When you meet with your plastic surgeon at your initial consultation, they will recommend all of the needed procedures to help you meet your aesthetic goals. In most cases, all procedures can be performed on the same day.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Week By Week

Every woman is different, but here is what you can generally expect as you move forward on your road to recovery:

Week One

This will probably be the most difficult phase of your recovery from your mommy makeover procedure. You’ll likely be interested in doing little else than sleeping, eating, and visiting the bathroom.

You are going to be experiencing some significant pain, discomfort, and swelling at first. Be sure that you’ve made arrangements in advance to have someone look after you for the first couple of days, as well as assist you in household chores. Some people prepare meals in advance, including buying all needed groceries. Anything that you can do in advance will give you more time to relax and focus on your healing.

Even though your physical activity will be curtailed during this time, it is recommended that you walk a bit each day. This is to ensure that you have healthy blood circulation and to prevent blood clots from developing.

Week Two

You’re going to continue to feel somewhat sore and tender at the surgical sites, although your pain and swelling should begin noticeably diminishing by now. Continue to get plenty of rest, while also taking brief walks each day.

Week Three

The difficulty of Week Three, for most patients, is more psychological than physical. Even though you can see some improvements, you’re still probably feeling exhausted. You may feel like there is no end in sight. Hang in there, and you’ll begin rapidly improving before you know it.

Week Four

Your swelling, bruising, and tenderness should have noticeably subsided by now. You’ll be glad you hung in there because you will feel more energized around this time. You can even stop wearing your compression garment as often as you were before, depending upon the advice of your surgeon.

Weeks Five and Six

You’re going to begin seeing immense improvement at this stage of your recovery. You’ll start feeling like yourself again, allowing you to resume moderate exercise.

Although you’ll likely notice some lingering swelling, it should have almost subsided by now; but it may take as long as one year to completely subside, particularly if you had a tummy tuck procedure performed as part of your mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Supplies

There are a few items that you will be dealing with while you’re recovering at home from your mommy makeover procedure. One of these is compression garments. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to only use surgical bras and medical-quality compression garments. Their purpose is to minimize swelling and protect areas that will be healing.

You should also have some first-aid supplies on hand. Things like dressings, bandages, gauze, and sponges should be close by, as you’ll be changing your dressings regularly.

Another important item is medications. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with pain relievers, antibiotics, and perhaps inflammatory medicine and ointments. Use all of these medications as directed to assist you in your recovery.

Mommy Makeover – Pain and Discomfort

mommy makeover pain and discomfort

There is no getting around the fact that a mommy makeover will result in some degree of pain and discomfort. Be sure to take all of your medications, including pain relievers, as directed.

Pain and discomfort are subjective experiences that vary from patient to patient. The amount of time that you will be in pain and uncomfortable is largely dependent upon what type of procedures went into your individual mommy makeover.

In general, most patients start seeing a significant reduction in pain and discomfort within two weeks or so after their mommy makeover procedure. The fastest way to recover is to follow all of your plastic surgeon’s instructions.

Stay in touch with your plastic surgeon throughout your recovery. They will let you know what level of pain and discomfort is normal for your individual procedure and how long it should last.

Best Candidates

Although many women qualify for a mommy makeover, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. The best candidates for a mommy makeover are:

  • Finished having children
  • In good overall health
  • Have been at their ideal weight for at least six weeks

It is best to only undergo a mommy makeover after you do not plan to have children in the future. Pregnancy could undo the results of your procedure otherwise.

For a similar reason, you need to be at your target weight for a minimum of six weeks. If you gain a significant amount of weight after your mommy makeover, you could undo your results.

Areas Addressed by the Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover can help improve your body in the following areas:


The mommy makeover is perfect for removing loose and sagging skin, as well as extra fat and stretch marks. Undergoing a tummy tuck can help with these concerns. The tummy tuck procedure can rejoin separated muscles due to pregnancy.


One common concern for mothers is lost breast tissue or volume, as well as excess skin. For these women, undergoing a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reconstruction, can significantly enhance their appearance.


If you are bothered by the appearance of extra skin or fat on your buttocks, you could get a lower body lift and liposuction.


Pregnancy leads to weight gain and some unpleasant cosmetic changes in the body, leaving many women with excess skin and fat around the hips, which your plastic surgeon can correct with a lower body lift procedure.

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