BBL After Five Years

Woman BBL After Five Years

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is undergoing an immense surge in popularity right now. In fact, the popular butt augmentation procedure has become the fastest-growing type of cosmetic procedure performed around the world. It also enjoys a high success rate, with over 94% of those who have undergone a BBL in Miami reporting that they are happy that they had the procedure.

BBL Benefits

The BBL procedure helps patients achieve a more rounded and shapely buttock through the transferral of the patient’s own fat drawn out during a liposuction procedure, which is performed during the same surgery.

A BBL can:

  • Improve asymmetrical appearance
  • Enhance self-confidence and self-image
  • Increase roundness, fullness, and projection of the buttocks

What happens to a BBL after five years?

After you spent all of that time and money on your BBL, you’ll want to know how long the results of your investment will last. For example, how will you look in five years?

Is Brazilian Butt Lift permanent?

The BBL procedure takes some time before its full effects are realized. Some patients take as long as six months to achieve their final results. Not all of the fat that is transferred into the buttocks will be expected to survive. But you could retain up to 80% of it for many years to come if you handle things properly.

Five Tips To Maintain Your BBL Results

Here are a few tips to ensure that your Brazilian Butt Lift results last as long as possible:

1. Wear Correct Clothing

After you are sent home to recover, you’ll be wearing a special compression garment to reduce swelling and promote healthy blood circulation, which helps you recover more quickly. Avoid wearing restrictive or tight clothing while you are recovering. Instead, wear loose-fitting clothes that do not restrict blood circulation. This will allow the donated fat to settle properly.

2. No Direct Contact

Avoid sitting directly on your buttocks or sleeping on your back for at least two weeks after your procedure. Direct pressure on the area of the fat grafts can cause fat cells to shift and become displaced, leading to a distorted appearance.

Use a special pillow when sleeping. You can use a special pad when sitting during the day, for a few minutes at a time.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

woman on a healthy diet

When recovering from any type of surgery, you should be eating a healthy diet to encourage your body to heal properly and rapidly. Donated fat cells will also need nourishment from the food that you eat. Eat healthy foods like walnuts, avocados, and salmon, while avoiding things like sugary drinks and food that is high in sodium. Remain hydrated, and drink plenty of water.

4. Take Things Slow

Your physical activity will be restricted during the first few weeks of your BBL recovery. As you transition into light physical activity and exercise, take things slowly at first. Gradually ease back into your normal routine, listening to your body at all times. If you experience an unusual amount of soreness or pain, ease off for a while.

5. Maintain Your Weight

Woman thinking about BBL

Watch your diet and nutrition so that you maintain your weight. Weight loss can remove some of the fat that was transferred during your BBL procedure. Gaining weight can lead to a distortion of procedure results.

BBL Procedure Steps

The following are the steps taken to complete a BBL procedure:


Plastic surgeons perform liposuctions through very small incisions for the harvesting of the patient’s fat, which is typically taken from places like the abdomen or thighs. To reduce trauma and bleeding, they will use a diluted form of local anesthesia into the liposuction areas.

Your surgeon will insert a thin tube called a cannula into the incisions, suctioning out fat into a sterile container. They then close the incisions with sutures.

Preparation of Fat

The fat that has been liposuctioned will be prepared for injection. Your surgeon will cleanse it in saline and possibly strain it for the removal of larger fat globules.

Injection of Fat

The final step of the BBL involves drawing fat into syringes. Your surgeon would then inject the fat into your buttocks area through small incisions. Before injection, these treated areas are marked for accuracy.

The Road To Recovery

One of the best ways to achieve long-term BBL results is to have a good recovery routine when you return home to heal. Wear your compression garment, and limit your physical activity, as instructed by your plastic surgeon. Take all medications as directed to relieve pain and prevent infection.

If you notice anything unusual that departs from your expected recovery timeline, don’t hesitate to contact your surgical team to let them know so that they can offer recommendations.

Your Consultation

If you are still considering undergoing a BBL, you should schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with talent and experience is a great first step in achieving beautiful, long-lasting results from your BBL procedure.

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