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With a warm heart and hands skilled from over four decades in medicine, Dr. Reyes has truly made a mark in the world of surgery. He started his impressive journey back in 1970 when he graduated from the University of Havana. From there, he further sharpened his skills during his residency at Calixto Garcia Hospital. Not only a surgeon, but he also shared his wisdom as a Professor Instructor of Surgery at the same hospital. Eventually, his dedication led him to take the helm as the Chief of Surgery at Manuel Fajardo Hospital. And here’s a fun fact: in the early 1980s, Dr. Reyes put his skills to the test in an unexpected place, performing life-saving surgeries during Nicaragua’s civil war!

Member of AACS & ABAS

In the sun-kissed city of Miami, Florida, Dr. Reyes embarked on a new chapter of his medical journey in the early 1990s. After touching down, he refreshed his medical credentials and proudly achieved Board Certification in both abdominal and cosmetic surgery. Spending over a decade at Memorial Regional Hospital and Larkin Community Hospital, he gathered a wealth of surgical expertise. But his true passion? Bringing out the natural beauty in all of us. For the past twenty years, he’s been a go-to maestro in cosmetic surgery, mastering everything from tummy tucks and body contouring to breast enhancements. At Aphrodite Cosmetic Surgery Spa, Dr. Reyes isn’t just offering procedures; he’s making dreams come true with every gentle touch.

Meet the wonderful Dr. Mario Reyes-Serrano, MD! Nestled in sunny Miami, FL, he’s a maestro in Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Currently shining at Larkin Community Hospital, Dr. Mario is excited to welcome new faces to his practice. If you’re considering a fresh transformation, give Dr. Reyes-Serrano a ring to schedule your friendly chat!