Different Types of BBL

Types of BBL

A beautiful and fuller butt is the most important feature of a woman’s backside that improves their self-confidence by revealing their feminine beauty. Brazilian Butt Lift Miami is a cosmetic procedure that tightens, lifts, and augments your butt’s shape, size, and volume, allowing you to achieve your desired goals. Today’s article will discuss different types of BBL, particularly distinguishing between a BBL and a skinny BBL. Read on! 

Difference between a BBL and a skinny BBL?

BBL surgery is an outpatient cosmetic procedure performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon follows two procedures: liposuction and augmentation. Liposuction involves removing the fat from your body, such as thighs and abdomen, purifying the tissues, and injecting them into your buttocks to improve the shape, size, and volume of the patient’s butt. 

On the other hand, a skinny BBL, also known as the mini BBL, is a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring a small amount of fat into the buttocks. The primary objective of this cosmetic surgery is to restore the natural look of your butt with a slight increase in volume. Skinny BBL is an ideal procedure for people with less than 21 BMI. 

During the skinny BBL, the surgeon identifies specific locations for liposuction and uses the safest methods to extract the fat cells or tissues. Once identified, the fat cells undergo the purification process. 

Next, the surgeon injects the purified fat tissues into specific points of the patient’s buttocks. Depending on your needs and approval/permission, the surgeon can expand the locations to extract fat tissues. 

Some women who require a skinny BBL procedure do not have enough fat tissues in the abdomen region. In that case, the surgeon will extract the fat tissues from arms, legs, thighs, and other body parts. 

Different types of BBL shapes

Different types of BBL shapes

There are different types of BBL shapes. Each patient has its own specific shape requirements. It is crucial to ask your health provider and get a piece of advice based on your body type and health history to select the best shape for your butt. Let us now discuss the different kinds of BBL shapes. Keep reading! 

Heart-Shaped BBL

The heart-shaped BBL is the most common and preferred shape for women who want to wear fitting clothes. A heart-shaped BBL, also known as A-shaped, results in a rounder and gentle curves in the buttocks with enough volume in the butt. 

The A-shaped or heart-shaped butt is the most desired and attractive shape for women. Not only does this shape allow women to look and feel sexy, but it also enables them to showcase their feminine beauty. 

Round-Shaped BBL

A round-shaped BBL, also known as bubble-shaped buttocks, results in more beautiful and dramatic results. Women who desire the round-shaped BBL have a big, sexy, shapely appearance. For example, Kim Kardashian has a round-shaped butt. So, the bubble butt is the trademark curvy shape with plenty of volume and fuller hips. 

What is your current shape?

Before undergoing BBL surgery, it is crucial to know your butt’s current shape. For example, if you don’t have enough volume in the lower butt, it means you have V-shaped buttocks. 

A butt with a V-shape has a flatter side with an inverted triangle-like appearance. If you want to improve your butt shape, you can undergo BBL to fill your jeans by adding more volume to your backside. 

On the other hand, many women have an H-shaped or square-shaped backside that resembles the V-shaped buttocks. If you have square buttocks, you will have a fuller abdominal area. The square butt is boxier and less angular compared to the V-shaped buttocks. 

Women with a boxier and less angular butt usually have poor self-confidence and self-image. It is challenging to find suitable clothing to fit a flatter butt and larger belly. The heart or A-shaped butt is the best choice for women with square buttocks. 

Final Words

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami is an advanced and clinically proven cosmetic surgery that enhances your butt’s shape, adds volume to it, and improves your self-confidence by allowing you to showcase your feminine beauty.

The best thing about BBL is that the surgeon extracts fat cells from your body parts, increasing the chances of long-lasting results and better contouring. Contact us today if you want to learn more about BBL or discuss your butt shape BBL requirements with our board-certified surgeon. 

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