Not long ago, a face lift was the principal means used to restore a youthful appearance to one’s face.

Today, the same principles are being challenged by innovative techniques that truly restore the ogee of the face. Unlike the traditional principles, a midface lift (sometimes called a cheek lift) restores a youthful midface.

The endoscopic midface lift procedure can lift sagging cheeks, smooth out nasal furrows, and pull up the corners of your lips.

Is this procedure right for you?

For those desiring greater attention to the cheeks, the lips, and the nose, a midface lift can be particularly effective to correct facial sagging or furrowing, as well as thin or down-turned lips. If lifting the corners of your mouth gently with your index fingers shows a moderate change in your face, a midface lift is right for you.

What does a midface lift entail?

Miami Lakes Plastic Surgery offers a minimally invasive Midface Lift procedure. Minute incisions are made behind the temples and inside the mouth, where a tiny fiber optic camera and surgical instruments are inserted to view the procedure while performing it.

Is it possible to have another procedure done at the same time?

We can perform a midface lift together with a browlift or a laser resurfacing, and of course as part of full face lift procedures.

Will I have any scarring?

As opposed to traditional surgical techniques, endoscopic surgery leaves little to no trace of elective surgery. The incisions are virtually invisible when fully healed, causing no ill side effects such as hair loss, numbness, bleeding, or prolonged recovery period.

How long can I expect the results to last?

No surgery can stop the clock, but a midface lift can turn back time for years to come by eliminating drooping cheeks and frumpy lips. Midface lifts can be repeated over time, ensuring you put your best face forward through the decades.

What risks are involved?

Individual physiology is unique from patient to patient, and results can vary due to physical reactions to the procedure or to anesthesia, natural healing rate, prevention of infection after surgery, and adherence to medical instructions both before and after the procedure. Complications may include hematoma and injury to facial nerves.

What will I need to do before surgery?

If you smoke, you will need to stop smoking far ahead of the procedure; smoking increases the risk of complications and poor healing, as it adversely affects blood circulation.

Those with short hair may wish to grow it out some so that it will hide any scarring during healing.

Where will the surgery take place?

We can perform this procedure in our office or in an outpatient surgery center or hospital. Midface lift is typically an outpatient procedure.

What should I expect from the post-surgery recovery period?

While there is typically some discomfort after surgery, it is generally not severe. Bruising and swelling will dissipate within about two weeks and sutures will be taken out by ten days. You will need to apply cold compresses and elevate the head in order to keep swelling down. Healing incisions may be numb or itchy. You should refrain from strenuous activity for six weeks.

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