Mini Breast Augmentation

Mini Breast Augmentation

Many people mistakenly believe that breast implants are designed only to create a more heavy and voluptuous look. Although this is certainly a common goal for many women, others prefer smaller-sized breast implants that lead to a more proportionate appearance. For these women, the mini breast augmentation procedure is a popular alternative.

Women who are interested in breast augmentation often have different goals in terms of their eventual outcomes. Large cleavage is not always best for a woman with a petite frame or a woman who is naturally lean and athletic. The mini breast augmentation allows women to achieve a more subtle and curvaceous figure without being so obvious about it, or leading to results that some might consider unnatural. 

The mini breast augmentation offers women a way to enhance their curves in a more plausible way. 

What is a mini breast augmentation?

Up until recently, the term “breast augmentation surgery” was synonymous with the appearance of breasts that were much larger and heavier than might be expected for the frame of the woman who underwent the procedure. Recently, there has been a shift of interest among women toward a more natural look, instead of going over the top with results that may appear unreal. The increasingly popular trend today is in the direction of breast implants that are somewhat smaller than the ones that were popular in the past.

Advantages of the Mini Breast Augmentation

Advantages of the Mini Breast Augmentation
  • Offers more natural results
  • Less risk of complications
  • More suitable for women with a smaller, petite frame
  • Enhances women’s curves without being so obvious about it

Differences Between Mini Breast Augmentation and Regular Breast Augmentation

In terms of the surgery itself, there is not much of a difference between the two procedures. The main difference concerns implant size, as well as the surgically created pocket that it will be placed under the skin.

  • Implant size is only 150 – 275cc
  • Implant materials may differ, depending upon your preferences or surgeon’s recommendations

Women who get larger breast implants require a certain type and amount of natural tissue on their chest for implant support. If a large implant goes into a relatively flat chest, there are increased odds that the surgery will fail. Breast implant failure typically appears as a ‘bottoming out’ of the breast implant or a rippling or stretching of the skin.

Why would a woman desire smaller breasts after surgery?

The mini breast augmentation procedure is appealing to women who have a leaner body profile. For example, many athletes have a relatively small frame; so for them, a more natural-looking procedure is better suited to their individual lifestyles and bodies.

Mini breast augmentation provides additional volume and enhanced shape in a way that is more subtle, yet impactful in a way that does not dramatically transform the body. 

The procedure may be right for you if you have a relatively small amount of breast glandular tissue that does not provide the shape or volume that you desire.

In this situation, smaller breast implants work better than regular breast augmentation, as a successful breast augmentation requires a certain amount of natural tissue to prevent complications like rippling or stretching.

Mini Breast Augmentation Consultation

Mini Breast Augmentation Consultation

Before you commit to any type of cosmetic surgery, you must meet with your plastic surgeon during a consultation. This is your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the procedure. Naturally, you will also discuss your treatment goals and expectations.

The cost of a mini breast augmentation procedure varies greatly, depending upon geographic area, the surgeon who will be performing the procedure, and other factors.

Some things that your plastic surgeon will take into consideration during your consultation include your:

  • Height and weight
  • Overall skin condition
  • General body type 
  • Surgery expectations
  • Amount of natural glandular breast tissue

Will undergoing a mini breast augmentation affect my balance or posture?

The mini breast augmentation procedure involves the implantation of smaller sized implants, so it is unlikely to disrupt your balance. However, if you are carrying a somewhat larger breast volume on the upper half of your body, you may experience some temporary adjustments to your posture.

Mini Breast Augmentation Before and After

Every woman is different, with different results and expectations. The way that your breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer works out depends upon a range of factors.

Some factors involved include breast implant size, torso girth and length, the distance between nipples, and other factors relative to your physique.

Recovering From Mini Breast Augmentation Surgery

Recovering From Mini Breast Augmentation

You should be receiving general anesthesia, which keeps you asleep during the procedure. After surgery has completed, you will be transferred into a recovery room where you will wake up slowly while your surgical team monitors you. You may feel somewhat achy and groggy at this time.

Within a few hours, you should start feeling less sleepy and sore. Around this time, you should be able to return home if you have arranged for someone to drive you.

Breasts will be wrapped with an elastic band or bra to support them while you are recovering. You will receive instructions on caring for your incision sites before you leave.

Days Later

For the first few days, you will likely experience some discomfort and be using prescribed pain medication to increase your comfort. It is normal to experience some minor bleeding at the incision sites. If the bleeding concerns you, inform your surgeon.

If your work is physically demanding, you will need to take around three weeks off. During this time, avoid vigorous physical activity like running and heavy lifting.

Should be almost fully recovered in about two months after mini breast augmentation procedure. Your surgeon will inform you when you can resume normal activities.

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